World's largest aircraft flown from UK to help India, bringing three oxygen generators and 1000 ventilators

On behalf of Britain it was said that India is going through a devastating second wave of corona virus epidemic. We are standing side by side with our friend.

World's largest aircraft flown from UK to help India, bringing three oxygen generators and 1000 ventilators

Many countries of the world are coming forward to help India to fight against the corona virus epidemic. In this episode, the world's largest cargo carrier (Largest Cargo Plane) flew to India from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with three 18-tonne oxygen generators and 1,000 ventilators. This information has been given by the British Government itself (UK).

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said that airport personnel worked hard throughout the night and loaded life-saving medicines on the Giant Antonav 124 aircraft. The FCDO itself has provided funds for this supply. It is expected to land in Delhi IST at 8:00 am on Sunday.

500 liters of oxygen can be produced per minute

It was told that this supply from the UK will be transported to hospitals with the help of Indian Red Cross in India facing Corona crisis. Each of the three oxygen generators can produce 500 liters of oxygen per minute. This is enough to use 50 people at a time.

Northern Ireland's Health Minister Robin Swann was present at Belfast Airport while carrying these devices in the world's largest cargo plane. From here, this aircraft has left for India. Robin Swan said that it is our moral responsibility to give all possible help and support to India.

What UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab said

The 40-foot size container produces 500 liters of oxygen per minute. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab said, "Britain is sending oxygen generators from Northern Ireland to India. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab said it would cooperate to take care of Kovid-19 patients in Oxygen Hospitals. The British government said the world's largest cargo plane left Belfast in Northern Ireland on Friday with three-tonne oxygen generators and 1,000 ventilators as part of Britain's latest response to the UK's COVID-19 crisis .

Oxygen concentrator was sent last month too

Last month, 200 ventilators and 495 oxygen concentrators were sent to India from the UK which was also funded by the FCDO, Foreign Secretary Dominic said, "We will fight this global epidemic together, the vital equipment we are providing, Including ventilators and oxygen generators, they will help save lives and support India's health system.

It is our moral duty to help and support where we can. The supply of oxygen to India's health system is under severe stress and today we are sending three oxygen production plants. I sincerely hope that this device will help India facing an epidemic like Kovid-19. "