YouTube: Thousands of people fell victim to this beautiful face, showed these beautiful dreams and then ..

YouTube Crime: In today's era, YouTube is fast becoming a means of earning for people. But the crowd of fraudsters is also increasing on this platform. Let us tell you a shocking case related to this.

YouTube: Thousands of people fell victim to this beautiful face, showed these beautiful dreams and then ..

YouTube Shocking Crime: Shocking news has come out for those who dream of spending time on YouTube and earning money from it. People blindly follow popular YouTubers and influencers. In one such case, a popular Thailand YouTuber defrauded thousands of his followers to the tune of $ 55 million, or about Rs 439 crore. After playing the deception, this YouTuber fled to Malaysia. Let us tell you in detail about this shocking case.

Promise of high returns in less time

We are talking about Natthamon Khongchak, also known as 'Natty' the YouTuber. Natthamon describes himself as a singer, dancer and CEO. Natthamon attracted over 8,47,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel where he mainly posted dance videos. According to a Bloomberg report, he used his popularity to woo his followers by promising high returns in a short period of time.

Over 6,000 followers cheat

Claiming to be a successful forex trader, Nathamon duped over 6,000 followers. Lawyer Faisal Ruangrit said that one of the victims deposited around 18 million baht (Rs 3.89 crore) with Natthamon. Earlier this month, the lawyer prompted more than two dozen people to file complaints against Natthamon with Thailand's Department of Economic Offenses Suppression.

Trapped in such a trap

Five months ago he asked his followers to deposit money into his account, promising 25 percent returns for a three-month contract, 30 percent for a six-month contract and 35 percent for a 12-month contract went. Natthamon also promised to give returns every month. But from April onwards, its customers started complaining that they did not get the payment as promised.

Malaysia is gone!

Later in the month of May, in an Instagram post, Natthamon confessed that he had made a mistake in trading and lost all the money. However, he promised to repay his investors. Then, in June, she announced that she was being tried on two counts and would not be able to repay other investors if she went to jail. Drama-Addict, a popular Facebook page posted on Sunday, said it had received information that Natthamon had fled to Malaysia.