10 Hidden Features in GTA Games That We Need in GTA 6

10 Hidden Features in GTA Games That We Need in GTA 6

This world is filled with GTA fans and the rise in numbers is unstoppable. It has been eight years since GTA 5 got released, and fans have waited a lot for the next game of the series. Sometimes it is really hard for fans to control their emotions and keep patience.

Rumors suggest that GTA 6 will not release before 2023 and the pandemic contributes to this extension period. There have been many theories and according to fans some are true but nothing has been verified yet.

Although, there are some hidden features in all the GTA games that we can expect them to be in GTA 6. Fans were seen sharing their opinion on what we need in the upcoming GTA 6 that will help in growing their interest more. Let us have a look over 10 hidden features that you might have never seen before.

10 Shocking Hidden Features in GTA Games Required in GTA 6

  1. Gambling in Casinos – GTA San Andreas

You must have seen numerous casinos in GTA San Andreas where you can visit and try out your luck. Well, it can be useless for those who know the legendary cheat code (HESOYAM) to add cash in CJ’s pocket instantly. But if you are looking for something exciting after completion of the game, then you should give it a try.

Sometimes luck is not on your side and you might end up flushing all your money in gambling. But there is nothing to worry about because the casinos will lend you money. If you still keep on losing then your account will go to minus and CJ will be covered in debt.

When the amount will touch minus one million dollars, then CJ will start getting death threats over the phone from the casino. You have to check out this feature now and let us know in the comments that how was your experience.

  1. Picking Up Garbage – GTA 4

You may have noticed the streets of GTA 4 and GTA 5 littered with unwanted items. In GTA 5 a player can only shoot those littered items like cans, pizza boxes, et cetera. But in the case of GTA 4, a player can pick up cans and other garbage items and can throw them on NPC’s.

This is a rare feature that got missed by many GTA fans. But as a player, you can pick random items in GTA 4 and hit NPC’s or break windows. Some of the pickable items in GTA 4 are cans, burgers, cameras, cheese blocks, cigars, clothes, donuts, and many more.

  1. Fat Level Status – GTA San Andreas

You may know that there are different types of stats in GTA San Andreas that can be increased or decreased by performing activities. Out of these, one is ‘Fat Level’ which can be increased by eating a lot and decreased by going to the gym or running.

Once you gain a lot of fat in your body, all the NPC’s will start bullying or insulting CJ. Even ‘Sweet’ starts commenting on CJ’s body shape and asks him to join the gym over a phone call. One of the common comments that you will get to hear is “You just made me break a nail.”

Fat CJ cannot run or climb a wall properly. But if you lose fat and gain muscles in the gym then NPC’s might even start complementing CJ. Some of the common appreciating comments will be “Who is your stylist?”

  1. Hurricane Alert by Traffic Lights – GTA Vice City

We all know that GTA Vice City is based in Miami city. Every year Miami faces several hurricanes that is why the developers of the game blocked paths to different cities. Also, all the traffic signals turn yellow which indicates the power has been cut because of the hurricane.

The developers successfully added a yellow traffic light feature but failed to add a power cut feature in the game. This is the reason that many GTA fans are unaware of this exciting feature. Next time you play GTA Vice City, just look out for traffic lights to turn yellow at the time of arrival of the hurricane.

  1. Car Never Gets De-spawn – GTA San Andreas

If you believe that your car gets de-spawned after leaving it for a long time at a place, then you are wrong. You might be shocked after reading this, but it’s true. This game has a vehicle impound feature that works just like real life.

Whenever you will leave your car on a street or at a non-parking place, then it will get towed away and later you can recover it from the police station. You can find all your vehicles like bikes, cars, and even bicycles in the police station.

Most of the players are unaware of this fantastic feature because Rockstar did not introduce it properly. But now you have found out this little secret, so let us know in the comments how many vehicles did you find in the police station.

  1. Thief NPC – GTA 3

We have played GTA Vice City a lot and have seen a running thief on the streets and a police officer chasing him. We also get $50 if we land a punch on him. This feature made us curious and most players started looking for it in all other GTA games.

We all thought that Rockstar have started introducing this feature from GTA Vice City onwards, but we were wrong. A few players have found this in GTA 3 too which is very rare to find. You can see his activities as he stretches one of his arms from the back of an NPC and steals money.

  1. Shops Have Opening and Closing Time – GTA San Andreas

You might be a big fan of GTA San Andreas and you get excited whenever play this game. But have you ever imagined that all the shops in GTA San Andreas have opening and closing times? If you will go to Los Santos then you can witness this feature where shops open at 8 AM and close at 8 PM.

  1. Working Clock – GTA 3

We all have witnessed working clocks in today’s video games. But have you ever noticed that GTA 3 also has a fully functional working clock? You can find this working clock in the main city. Some of you may not consider this an important feature but this concept was rare in a 20-year-old game. 

  1. Parking Meters are Like Lottery Machines – GTA Vice City

You all may know what parking meters are and what is their purpose. By inserting money into parking meters, you get a ticket that means you can park your car in the parking area. In GTA Vice City, you can find parking meters easily but cannot insert money.

If you break them, you will get money for free and if you arrive after some time to the same location, you will see that all of them have been restored to new ones. This shows that a lot of detailing has been done in the game.

  1. Burglary Feature Gets Activated – GTA San Andreas

It is not hard for you to remember the “Burglary Mission” if you are a die-hard fan of GTA San Andreas. In this mission Rider orders CJ to steal necessary items from an old man’s house. After this mission, many of the players remain unaware that this feature gets unlocked and CJ gets the ability to steal items from different homes.

You can use this feature to steal precious items at night and this feature is enabled between 10 PM and 6 AM. Let us know in the comment section if you have found this feature or not and how many times you have sneaked inside a house to steal items.