14 countries, including the US, expressed concern over the report of the WHO's corona virus production, know what it said.

14 countries have expressed their serious concern over the report of the World Health Organization on corona origins. 14 countries including the US Japan UK Czech Republic have also questioned the delay in this report.

14 countries, including the US, expressed concern over the report of the WHO's corona virus production, know what it said.

14 countries, including the US and Japan, have voiced concern over the World Health Organization report that details the corona virus's origin and its occurrence in humans. China has prepared this report together with WHO. Let us tell you that in January 2021, WHO sent a team of ten members to Wuhan city of China to investigate its origin and spread to humans. This team investigated other places, including the seafood market there, and also talked to people and Chinese experts in this regard. After this, the World Health Organization said that they did not find anything in the investigation to say that the virus was leaked from the lab of China.

He also said that the virus came to humans through bats but how could not be known about it. It also said that the talk of virus leaking from labs is baseless as all the labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. But now in the same report these 14 countries have raised the question. They say that the organization has not prepared its report properly. It does not include original data and samples. These countries have also objected to the delay in the report by the organization. The World Health Organization released this report on Tuesday.

Countries that have objected to the report include the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and Israel. All of them have said in a statement that they are appreciative of the efforts made by the World Health Organization as well as in support of the steps taken by the organization to end the epidemic. Not only this, they also understand how this virus started and how it went on spreading in other countries. Despite this, all these countries have expressed their concerns about which needs to be taken seriously. Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Republic of Korea, Slovenia and Britain have also given their assent to this statement given by other countries as correct.

All these countries say that the review by experts from the World Health Organization team in Wuhan, China, between 14 January and 10 February, will be the first step to find out how the virus came to be and how it spread. According to Aljazeera, the director general of the organization, Tadros Edhonom Ghebreyesus, has demanded from the experts that there is a need to revisit this report and come to some concrete conclusion. He has also said that he does not believe in the assessment that everything has been completed. He said these things during the news briefing. In this report, the team has reached the conclusion that what was being said about the virus coming out of the lab, they are completely confused. Even after this all these facts need to be re-examined. He has also made it clear that he is ready to deploy his team of experts for this.

Let us tell you that almost all the countries of the world have strongly condemned China for this epidemic. They have expressed their hope of spreading or spreading this through China. Many countries of the world have considered the role of China in this and have said that due to this epidemic, millions of people of the world have become ill while three million people have died.