5 Simple Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

5 Simple Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

Every one of us has encountered the term ‘Energy’ in our science lectures back in school and also with the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another.

As we grew older, we realized that energy is not only restricted to machinery objects that we studied during our school days, in fact, we humans are a vessel of energy too and energy can create a great impact on our mental health.

Sometimes the energy we are letting or allowing to enter our mind can be positive or negative depending on the way we classify the type of energy or decide that how impactful that energy might be for us. Each person has their own level of understanding of things that how he/she is able to differentiate between positive and negative energy.

A clear-sighted person will always be full of positive energy, whereas a person with a short-sighted thinking ability will always allow negative energy to run through his/her mind and secure its place. It is very rare these days to find people who are emotionally balanced and completely stable from their mind, otherwise, everyone is going through something that is creating an emotional disbalance in them and one of the reasons for this to happen could be because of the negative energy surrounding us which is impacting our mental health.

Many people will be surprised to know that negative energy has its types because negative energy is a thought or a feeling that makes you feel stuck or unable to break free and this kind of feeling can be present in many forms like stress, anxiety, depression, bad moods, et cetera.

But today we are majorly focusing on stress that is popularly being found in youngsters these days and impacting their golden days of living. Today we will try to create a better understanding of the stress that what is stress, what are the things that make us stressed, who is affected by stress, and what are five ways to live a stress-free life.

What is Stress?

When a person is unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure then that generated pressure in the mind is called stress. There can be an end number of reasons or life events that are responsible for causing stress in one’s mind. It is often triggered when we experience something new or when we feel we have little control over a situation.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their stresses and a certain win over stress can be achieved with the help of genetics, our past experiences, and social and economic circumstances we have to deal with.

However, too much stress can cause a lifetime impact on our mental health and its negative effects can permanently damage our coping abilities.

What Makes Us Stressed?

In such a big world, there are numerous things that can lead to stress and some of the major things are work issues, relationships, financial problems, the performance of a student at school, physical health, and much more. Out of these, work-related stress has been found most common among youngsters and they are finding difficulty in coping with their activities and finding problems in adjusting with their work. Unfortunately, letting their mental health disturbed.

Sometimes we feel that if there are things which we are not getting what we deserve to get can only be the reason for stress then that is not totally true because even positive life changes like changing our life standard, moving to a bigger house, getting promoted to a higher position, or going on a vacation can also be sources of stress. 

It will always be you who can help yourself, you have to check that what is making you causing stress in your mind and what is the source of it. Daily you have to assess your behavior and attitude towards everything that is surrounding you and if finding difficulty in self-analysis then it's better to share your feelings and thoughts with someone.

Who is Affected by Stress?

In this busy running world, almost everyone is struggling with stress either stress of their work or their relationship with others. Some people seem to be more affected by it, whereas others know how to handle it. It is always highly expected that a person who is targeted most of the time has to deal with a lot of pressure.

For example, people facing financial issues and with a lot of debt are more likely to be stressed about money or people with disabilities also feel stressed about their health. Ultimately, it is up to an individual that how he handles his/her situation and for how long he/she can balance their mental health.

Five Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

Many people believe that living a life without stress and worry is impossible. For some people, stress is natural, whereas for others it is good as it works as a motivational mechanism for them to excel in their tasks. After seeing a lot of variation in people’s opinions it is fair to say there is no common consensus on the word stress.

  1. Relax! Accept It as It is Happening for the Good

It is expected that those who worry much might take it as a joke and laugh it out because their reaction would be that how it is supposed to be good if someone is getting demoted at the office, suffering from a major illness, experiencing negative relationships.

No one is blaming them to say such things because they might be correct on their side as they have never stepped onto the other side yet but once they land, they will automatically realize what we meant from this.

There is the only way to prove this right and that is making spirituality a part of our life because spiritual wisdom relaxes us and makes us realize that whatever is happening in our surroundings in the present is right. And, the occurrence of that event will always strengthen you and above all, it is a test that will give a better shape to your future.

  1. I Am Not Going to Make it on Time

Today everyone is in hurry and is focusing on completing their tasks and making things happen faster and better. Such tasks which are being done hurriedly result in the growth of worry and tension. We might not realize it, but they affect our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Sometimes, it is better not to push ourselves beyond our limit and allow ourselves to be late for a meeting, for submitting an assignment on time, for a meal, or getting ready. We might not realize the impact of a hurry but it is also a form of energy that gets transferred to more people and they can feel it and might get uncomfortable with you.

Remember a short-term failure is a better deal than long-term harm to your body, mind, and relationships.

  1. A World is A Stage and We are All Merely Actors

Every morning we have to remind ourselves that “I am an actor on the world stage and everything I do here is my role to play.”

Every time an actor performs on stage, he knows that his role is temporary and he has to return home after performing his role on stage. Your role is also temporary like the actor but not your real self. Your real self is always full of powers and qualities.

There are times when you are in a role and when something goes wrong, you may get stress. Ultimately, you have to understand that it is merely a role, and the more you are detached from your role, the lesser stress will be caused in your mind.

  1. Never Give Your Inner Control to Someone Else. Take it Back in Your Hands

It is very common to see that many people allow situations or others to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They forget that they are the master of their own actions and that is why they have to take back the control in their hands.

People are going to be negative and you cannot do anything about it. Also, situations won’t occur or happen according to your desires, so you have to be mentally prepared for this by keeping your thoughts positive, peaceful, and powerful at all times.

You have to create a stress-free affirmation every morning. “I’m the ruler and controller of my thoughts. Today, my every thought will be my own positive creation. I won’t allow any person situation to overpower my mind and weaken this creation. My response will be positive.”

  1. Stress is Normal, I Can Handle it

First, you have to stop accepting that little stress is normal because it might take a bigger shape in no time and you may not even realize it and this will create mental and emotional suffocation. You have to understand that stress is an unnatural emotion and it can be controlled easily.

You feel it normal because of the way you live in this world and the lifestyle you live. We also agree that problems and challenges are normal in your present lifestyle but it doesn’t mean that they have to be dealt with along with stress.

For some people, stress is motivational and pushes them but at some point, it will dominate you and will affect your relationship with others. For some, stress strengthens, but as you continue, it will create illness in your mind and will also weaken your body.