Air Pollution: Pollution is making the lungs weak, make these changes in lifestyle to make them healthy.

To reduce the ill effects of pollution, it is important to have strong lungs. Pollution can even cause lung cancer. Along with other precautions to avoid pollution, it is equally important to keep your lungs healthy. You can keep your lungs healthy by making important changes in your lifestyle. Know by which changes you can keep your lungs healthy.

Air Pollution: Pollution is making the lungs weak, make these changes in lifestyle to make them healthy.

The increasing AQI is not showing any signs of stopping. Due to smog, this increasing pollution has the biggest impact on our lungs. To reduce its effects, it is important that we strengthen our lungs. To do this, we can make some important changes in our lifestyle. Let us know what changes in lifestyle can make your lungs healthy.

Stay hydrated

Water cleanses the toxins from your body. Also, when you remain hydrated, your respiratory tract remains moist and there is no problem in breathing. This happens because there is a thin layer of mucus in the respiratory tract, which gradually starts becoming thick due to lack of water. Due to abundance of water in the body, this layer does not become too thick and due to this there is no problem in breathing.

Do exercise

Exercising strengthens your lungs. Exercising increases the breathing capacity of your lungs. Therefore, exercise daily. Brisk walk, running, yoga etc. can especially help in strengthening the lungs. However, do not go out and exercise. This can be quite harmful due to pollution.

Healthy diet

Include Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. It is beneficial for your immunity, which protects you from infections. Also avoid eating fried food from outside. Eating outside is unhygienic and can make you sick.

Don't smoke

Smoking reduces your lung capacity. Therefore do not smoke at all. Also avoid second hand smoke, it is also dangerous for your lungs and can cause lung cancer. Also stay away from places with excessive dust and smoke. Therefore, do not go out when pollution is at its highest.

Take a deep breath

Often when we breathe, we do not use the full capacity of our lungs. So try to take deep breaths. This allows breathing to reach all the alveoli present in your lungs and increases the capacity of your lungs. Therefore practice deep breathing.