Aleen Bharati | Top 15 Personality by Spectrum India, Shares his journey!

Aleen Bharati is an inspiring internationally published author of “More Than 100 Pages”. He does live sketches while travelling to places and he was also known for his Canvas Art and Public Speaking where he shares his experiences and art.

Aleen Bharati | Top 15 Personality by Spectrum India, Shares his journey!
Aleen Bharti | Top 15 Personalities

“From the Punishment in corridors of the school to the Public speaker on the Stage of Colleges, Schools, NGOs, etc. he is growing on his way.”

Aleen Bharati is a well-known Author, Live Sketcher, Artist, and Traveller who is also known for his public speaking and extremely amazing and unique experiences. 

He was mostly inspired by many of his classmates and he learn different skills to explore his best way of presenting himself in front of others. He always seeks something which can help him to cover his weaknesses so he started from his surrounding to explore it differently.

Aleen is mostly interested in creative fields and never much into the theoretical side of the subjects, but to maintain the study, he takes Art as a help. Drawings made him understand physics, biology, and literature in a better way in his early school days. He said that he was a different person after understanding art can help him in his studies. He contributed in many Wall paintings in his School.

“You can learn the best about exploring the concept, that’s how spaces and art relates to themselves”, says Aleen. 

Aleen’s life always hang between different situations but ‘critical decision-making’ helped him a lot for his growth. His book, “More Than 100 Pages” which is getting attention around the world, holds his reflection of thoughts and perceptions and even the book has stories that are non-fictional and fictional as well with some scribbled art by him. He started as a romantic writer in his early teenage life, after getting interested in the poems of William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, etc. He believes writing is the most amazing thing he holds which helped him to speak through it. Then he explored other writing themes like nature, travel experience, social issues, etc.

Someone once said to him, He will not teach art to him in his childhood, so inspired by her mother’s parenting, he started observing artists, teachers to learn skills. It made him alone learner. He believes, “it’s not about what stopping you, it’s you who needs to take steps.” Life is so much that sometimes it becomes, blank, but paintings taught him the value of blank pieces of paper. He followed artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. to understand to be unique and he convinced himself he can introduce something new to the world, so he works on his originality and came up with his idea of painting canvas as Double Face Art. In this Art, 1 canvas has more than 1 or 2 themes, and it can change with perspective. Then to continue with his new concepts, he started painting and helped owners of restaurants, cafes, offices, and home-makers as they brought pieces from him to decorate their spaces.

“If your passion is paying rents for you, then you need to keep exploring and developing skills”, Shared Aleen.

He started teaching, in the need of money, when he was a teenager but then growing with time his skills developed and he started teaching and guiding to the Design field of Entrance Aspirants. He helped more than 500 students for strengthen their foundation for Entrances such as NIFT, NID, B.Arch., UCID, etc. Teaching skills helped him in his public speaking too. 

He is too shy of talking and interacting with people due to the limitation of English speaking, so he tried his best and now he gives speeches or as a speaker sometimes he uses English for communication, but he believes Hindi will be his first language no matter how much English dominates to the places.

He loves traveling since childhood, he loves to talk to people, connect with them, but parallel he also loves isolation. When he was in his solo traveling, he does live sketches and met local people, and shared his experience in exchange for something unique of that specific place. Aleen shared that he has the fear of the stage, and to get rid of it he started participating in the stage performances, etc. and it turns out to be more confident on stages, roads, etc. 

There is a saying for him, “Social Media is just a way to talk to him, if you want to know him, go meet him. Meet the most amazing person on the roads.”