China COVID Protest: Chinese government monitoring the protesters, call records being searched

China's Xi Jinping government is monitoring those protesting against the Zero Covid policy. The arrested people are being interrogated. Along with this, the call records of the protesters are being searched so that foreign contact can be investigated.

China COVID Protest: Chinese government monitoring the protesters, call records being searched

The government is keeping a close watch on the people who were involved in the protest against the zero covid policy in China in the month of November and the arrested people are being interrogated strictly. The Chinese government suspects that these people, under the influence of foreign agencies, demonstrated against the government and demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

After these demonstrations, on December 7, the government relaxed the provisions to prevent corona, after which the number of corona infected in the country increased at a quadruple rate day and night. Now the Chinese government is investigating these demonstrations as part of the conspiracy. 

Anti-government protests after decades

Such anti-government demonstrations took place in China after decades. That's why the government smells of conspiracy in this. The government believes that through these demonstrations, pressure was created to end the zero covid policy, after which the corona infection increased in the country and the difficulties increased. 

Government agencies are taking information about the call records of the people involved in the protest and the people who interacted with them and under whose influence these demonstrations were carried out. The people involved in the demonstrations are being identified through photographs. Along with this, surveillance equipment is being used to find out who all were involved in the protesting group. Not only this, the money received by the protesters is also being investigated. 

Monitoring through surveillance

Many people involved in the demonstrations in Beijing and Shanghai have told that they are being monitored through surveillance. His bank accounts and assets are being probed. The family members are being threatened and physically assaulted during interrogation. The report related to this has been published in the American newspaper Washington Post.