China COVID: workers clashed with the police with sticks in the world's largest iPhone factory, watch video!

Violent Protests China: Hundreds of workers armed with sticks and rods have waged a rare protest on the premises of Foxconn, the world's largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China. Many workers were seen clashing with the riot police while demanding their salaries. Due to the outbreak of Corona, many employees have already fled from here. Here they have to work almost like 'bonded labourers' under strict corona rules.

China COVID: workers clashed with the police with sticks in the world's largest iPhone factory, watch video!

Hundreds of Foxconn workers at the world's largest Apple factory in Zhengzhou, China, clashed with police on Wednesday. In a viral video on Chinese social media, people are seen raising the slogan 'Give us our salary'. At the same time, poles are also visible in the hands of people in many pictures. The protests come after weeks of turmoil, which also saw workers fleeing the factory due to strict COVID-19 control measures. 

Protests turned violent

Workers at the Foxconn Technology Group plant walked out of dormitories in the early hours of Wednesday. In some videos, he is seen pushing the guards. Many were wearing hazmat suits during this time. In another clip, people are seen beating a man lying on the ground with sticks. Crowds of people were removing the barricades. At one place, several people surrounded a police car and started shaking it while raising slogans. One footage shows a worker saying Foxconn is not treating humans as humans. Other videos show workers complaining about the food they are being served while in quarantine.

Working while in quarantine

Several workers fled the plant in late October amid rising Covid cases and allegations of poor treatment of workers, their exodus going viral on social media. Foxconn then persuaded the workers to stay at the factory by offering higher wages and bonuses. The firm has since implemented so-called closed loop operations at the plant. A system in which employees work on site while being isolated from the world. 

Two lakh workers are associated with the factory

Foxconn, formally Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., is Apple's largest iPhone maker, accounting for 70% of iPhone shipments globally. Its Zhengzhou plant mostly makes phones. About 2,00,000 people have got employment here. Although it also has other smaller production sites in India and southern China.