CNG car needs more maintenance than petrol car, know how to maintain it

CNG cars require more care as compared to others. Hence, for the customers who run on CNG, here are some ways that you can follow to take better care of your car.

CNG car needs more maintenance than petrol car, know how to maintain it

CNG Car Care Tips: After the continuous increase in fuel prices in the country, the number of CNG-run vehicles has increased. The maintenance requirement of CNG vehicles is slightly higher than other vehicles. Like other vehicles, CNG vehicles can last a long time if maintained and properly looked after. So, if you own a CNG vehicle, you can take good care of your vehicle by following the simple steps mentioned above. By which you will be able to run it in good condition for a long time.

Get CNG cylinder checked on time

It is not advisable to drive the car on CNG mode for a long time as doing so reduces the pressure on the cylinder and increases the risk of valve burst. To avoid this, ensure that the car engine gets a proper petrol supply. Also, make sure you keep replacing vehicle valves frequently as they tend to wear out over time.

Parking in the shade

Always park your CNG vehicle in the shade. CNG vehicles contain gas that evaporates faster than petrol-based vehicles. This is the reason why it is always advisable to park your CNG vehicle in the shade. By doing this your car is protected from direct sunlight and your cabin does not get extra hot.

Clean and change the air filter regularly

It is mandatory to change the filter installed in CNG vehicles on time. A lot of dust and debris gets accumulated in the air filter of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them from time to time or replace them when needed. A dirty air filter hampers the fuel economy of the vehicle, which proves to be very costly in the long run.

Check spark plugs regularly

The spark plugs in CNG-based vehicles are very different from the spark plugs in other cars. This is because, in the case of CNG spark plugs, the gap between the spark source of the vehicle and its metal end is very small. Therefore, make sure you check your vehicle's spark plugs regularly and replace it once every 10,000 kms.