Coach Shruti Dutt Bagged ‘Global Inspirational Award’ in London

Coach Shruti Dutt Bagged ‘Global Inspirational Award’ in London

Shruti Dutt of New Delhi bagged the ‘Global Inspirational Award’ in London. The celebrations of Naya Bharat Amrit MahaUtsav ‘Sankalp se Siddhi tak’ were organised by the Government of India in collaboration with the High Commission of UK. They were to be covered by Global Governance News Group. Numerous Global Leaders and Dignitaries were invited. But due to the demise of her Majesty, the celebrations at the Parliament were duly cancelled. A condolence meeting was held by the Awardee’s to pray for the Queen’s soul.

Shruti Dutt received the ‘Global Inspirational Award’ as the ‘Best Transformation Author & Coach’. Her books ,Change Your Story -Today!', and 'Badal do, Apni Kahani - Aaj!', & ‘Billionaire Mindset', are bestsellers. She is the Founder of 'BLOOM'- The five step system of Personality Transformation for Success.  She was recently also Awarded by EFI, India as The Best Mindset Transformation Coach and was a ‘The India Brainy Beauty ‘Finalist', at IBB, Mumbai.

'The Shruti Dutt Show', on Ten news Network has hosted many Inspiring World Record Holders. She also has TV show called ‘Outstanding Desi Girls’ in which she invites Indian Women of substance to inspire others. Shruti Dutt started her career in Advertising & Sales Promotion (ASP) 1984 & moved on to be an International Trader after her Marriage. She changed her career to that of an Educator in 1994. As she says, “My most fulfilling tasks have been as a teacher/trainer/coach. The intangible returns were immense and very satisfying to me. Through her NGO 'Kaksha', (2006) she has directly reached out to many underprivileged youths. She has conducted workshops on values ​​of life through art, music, and drama, campaigns of oral and personal hygiene environmental protection and other sustainable development goals. She has organised bilingual classes to improve Hindi and English. She has helped many School dropout children. She has also travelled extensively in India and abroad.


Super Coach Shruti has invaluable experience in every sphere of life. Her bilingual YouTube channel (Dilliwalinani) is also an endeavour to impart good values to children & improve their communication skills.


As she says,”I am in the Third phase of my life - I want this phase to be about my contribution to this World. So far my energies were mainly focused on my three children and a few friends but now I reach out globally and help people transform to live the best life for themselves. I have learnt many lessons in my life the hard way - I have made them easy & accessible to all who might need them with my books, telecast, podcast Youtube & my personal training sessions at the Bloom Academy. The good thing is that there is no ‘retirement ‘in my area of work.  I will continue to contribute and work for the benefit of youth and women till my last breath. I wake up early and strive daily to be "Better  Today Than Yesterday"


Shruti Dutt is an Internationally Certified Life Coach by Arfeen Khan. An alumna of St. Stephen's College and PG from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Masters in Education from Annamalai University. She is also a Reiki Master, NLP Coach, Healer (Ho Opono Pono) and a Yoga teacher of World Peace yoga school. Rishikesh. Bhagwad  Geeta & Gosho are her ‘life books’ !


Contribution is her most motivating factor. She believes that in order to be healthy, we should continue to make good causes and serve the society with enthusiasm according to the means available to us.