Comedian increased fees for Kapil Sharma show, now he will take such a huge amount to make audience laugh

Kapil Sharma has won the hearts of the audience with his show The Kapil Sharma. This show is one of the favorite shows of the audience. Soon Kapil is bringing back this show with new content.

Comedian increased fees for Kapil Sharma show, now he will take such a huge amount to make audience laugh

Now everyone knows that Kapil Sharma is the most popular and talented comedian. There are millions of fans of his comedy. The audience also likes the comedian's show The Kapil Sharma Show. However, Kapil has taken a break from this show for a few days. But now he is bringing the show back soon. Although news is coming that this time Kapil has also increased his fees. According to the news, Kapil has increased his fees not only by 10-20 but by 50 lakhs.

According to the report of News18, Kapil will now charge Rs 1 crore for a week. Earlier Kapil used to charge 30 lakhs per episode and now he has increased 50 lakhs per episode. This means that earlier where Kapil used to take 60 lakh rupees in a week, now he will charge 1 crore.

However, no confirmation has been received about this yet. Neither Kapil but the makers of the show have also not given any statement regarding this. At the same time, the news is also that the rest of Kapil's co-comedians are also going to take a good amount.

Let us tell you that Kapil's show was on top of the TRP list for most of the time. The show includes big Bollywood celebs like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor.

Will Archana Puran Singh not be a part of the show?
Recently news came that Archana Puran Singh, who won everyone's heart with her laughter, will not be a part of the show this time. After the arrival of this news, the fans felt that whether Navjoj Singh Sidhu would not return. But Archana herself has given her reaction to these news.

Archana said, I have no information about this. Till now I am a part of this show. Anyway, whenever I sign a new project, this news starts coming. Earlier this news came even when I was shooting for a film and now that I have started shooting for a series, this news started coming again.

Archana further said about the show that this show is very special for her and she is happy that she will continue to be a part of this show because she has also got a lot of love from the audience from this show.