Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Shanghai, people are suffering due to lack of food

The global pandemic coronavirus has once again wreaked havoc on the city of China. About 25 thousand new coronavirus patients have been found in Shanghai city on Sunday. Due to the strict lockdown in the city, people are facing a lot of difficulties.

Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Shanghai, people are suffering due to lack of food

About 25 thousand new cases of Covid infection were found on Sunday in Shanghai, China's commercial city of 26 million. Of these, 1,006 are symptomatic and 23,937 are asymptomatic patients. In this city facing lockdown, people are suffering from a lack of food items and other basic things. At the same time, there is a fear that similar situations may arise in some other cities as well.

People are facing a shortage of food in strict lockdown

Shanghai's streets are deserted due to the lockdown and only health workers, volunteers, supply workers, and those with special permission are allowed out due to the zero-tolerance policy toward COVID-19. In the online video, people of the city are seen engaging with the security personnel and people are shouting that they need to eat.

Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group said

Alibaba Group's senior vice president said they have hired more than 2,800 supply workers in the past week. In fact, China has stuck to its stand to deal strictly with Covid-19, while other countries have adopted the policy of living with the virus. More recently, its policy of separating coronavirus-infected children from their parents was criticized domestically as well as concerns expressed by foreign diplomats. This was deeply dissatisfied by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. It is known that in this wave of Omicron variant, so far 1,79,000 cases have been found in Shanghai and 11 thousand cured patients have been discharged.

However, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan has encouraged people to help increase food delivery capacity as well as boost residents' confidence in the fight against the coronavirus.