Covid-19 Treatment: The world on the path to making Corona medicine after vaccine, seek to find effective cure for virus

Despite the vaccine against the corona virus, the outbreak of the epidemic is increasing rapidly worldwide. Meanwhile, the world is moving towards effective treatment of corona. Researchers have insisted on testing drugs that provide effective treatment for corona.

Covid-19 Treatment: The world on the path to making Corona medicine after vaccine, seek to find effective cure for virus

Despite the Corona virus vaccine being available, the outbreak of the epidemic has once again intensified. Therefore, along with prevention of infection, the search for its effective treatment has also become necessary. Scientists from all over the world are engaged in this endeavor. In the same sequence, based on a new study related to human genetics, researchers have insisted on clinical trials of drugs that are able to treat Covid-19 at an early stage.

A team of researchers from the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System in the US has called for prioritization of clinical trials of drugs targeting proteins called IFNAR2 and ACEA2 based on their analysis. The aim is to identify such existing drugs that can be made useful for the treatment of corona by making necessary changes in it. The study is published in the journal Nature Medicine.

For those who suffer from recurrent disease of multiple sclerosis (hardening or thickening of tissues) of the central nervous system, IFNAR2 is targeted for treatment. Researchers believe that ACE2 therapy against COVID-19 may be effective, and clinical trials of drugs used for respiratory tract irritation or other disorders can be evaluated before the epidemic begins.

When we started the study last summer, most of the tests on Covid-19 were done on hospitalized patients, says Dr. Juan P. Kasas, epidemiologist at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System. The challenge before us was to identify existing drugs that could be used in other conditions to treat Covid-19. ACE2 is very important for Covid-19, because it is the virus infection in the human body through it.

ACE2 therapy is therefore important in the treatment of corona and may be effective for a drug called APN01, which mimics proteins and diverts the corona virus to enter the human body. Limited trials on hospitalized patients have found evidence of positive effect of APN01 in the case of Covid-19. Therefore, if our genetic findings are correct, there is a need to strategize clinical trials on Covid-19 patients who are not hospitalized.

Researchers also found that Covid-19 patients who had some variant of IFNAR2 were less likely to need hospitalization, especially those who did not have its variants. Kasas says that despite the ongoing vaccination campaign around the world, there is a continuing need to develop the drug. According to him, this would be appropriate for two reasons, first- that extensive immunization would take a long time to achieve herd immunity (and secondly) that some variants of the corona virus are growing, which vaccines Can reduce the effect of