Covid Test: Corona test will be done only by gargling, ICMR also approved

For the Covid Test corona virus test, there will no longer be any need to put a cotton needle in your throat or nose. CSIR-NEERI has now found a way to test the corona in which any person can be sampled by just gargling.

Covid Test: Corona test will be done only by gargling, ICMR also approved

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) has found a way to test the coronavirus test, in which only one person can be sampled by gargling. For this, there will be no need to put a cotton needle in your throat or nose. This method of corona test has also been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

What is Sterile Saline Gargle Technique

Neeri, Nagpur, a constituent laboratory of CSIR, has prepared a liquid which is taken 15-20 seconds in the mouth and placed in a vial. Taking the same garbage in the lab and testing it, it is known whether the corona is infected or not. It is named Sterile Saline Gargle Technik. Neeri claims that this method will make it easier to test.

 Only one bottle and liquid will be required to keep a sample in it. And the result will be as reliable as the RT-PCR test. Like the sample extracted from the nose and mouth through cotton needle, there is no danger of getting less swab in it. There is also no difficulty in transporting samples taken from Pathfinder to the lab. A sample from Salai requires a transport media solution. It is necessary to take him to the lab only on a certain temperature. While sterile saline gargle, the specimen taken by gargling can also be transported to the lab at normal temperatures.

This technology is also inexpensive

 Experts believe that this method, discovered by a government lab, can be very effective in a country with a large population like India. Because it would not be very difficult to take samples taken from one place to another with this method. This technique may be more advantageous in resource-scarce rural areas. It has been observed that the person who is currently testing in the prevailing antigen test or RT-PCR technique is often afraid of inserting a needle in the nose and mouth. Because of which, he gets scared by getting the test done. The prevailing technique is also expensive. But no one can adopt the sterile saline gargle technic discovered by Neeri, and this technique is also inexpensive. Therefore, using this, the goal of corona investigation can be further enlarged. Let us know that in the era of new forms of corona continuously coming up, it is also a challenge to get test report of corona quickly. This method can also get rid of this problem.