Earthquake in Indonesia 162 killed, 700 injured, Watch Video!

A powerful earthquake has occurred in Indonesia. According to the latest figures, at least 162 people have been killed and more than 700 injured in the 5.6-magnitude earthquake, local media Kompas TV quoted Herman Sherman, the local administration chief of Cianjur province, as saying. Earlier, the news agency AFP quoted local officials as saying that at least 44 people had died and more than 300 were injured due to the earthquake.

Earthquake in Indonesia 162 killed, 700 injured, Watch Video!

The earthquake occurred on Monday in Java, the main island of Indonesia. Adam, a spokesman for the local administration of Cianjur area in West Java, said several dozen people were killed. Hundreds or maybe say thousands of houses have been destroyed. So far 44 people have died. 

Many videos of the earthquake in Indonesia are also coming on social media. These show the damage caused after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Cianjur, Indonesia. 

Quoting social media, it is being told that this earthquake has caused more damage in the rural areas. According to a video shared on Twitter, many houses and shops have been destroyed by this earthquake in Mangunta Village of Cianjur area. Debris lying on the roadside can be seen in the video.

Earlier, Herman Sherman, head of the Cianjur administration, told broadcaster Metro TV that "the information I am getting now is that at least 300 people are being treated in this hospital. Most of them are trapped under the building's debris." Came here because of broken bones.