Edmonds Academy Fashion Show to be counted amongst the biggest fashion events of 2022

Edmonds Academy Fashion Show to be counted amongst the biggest fashion events of 2022

Nothing as big as the Edmonds Academy Fashion Show has ever taken place. Organized by Edmon Imseeh and wild card this event includes more than 80 Palestine influencers and celebrities that have contributed greatly to the fashion industry with their profound skills. 

With the mix and blend of the right kind of modern and traditional wear, this show presents all seven students and their unique collections, each of which is categorized into distinct personality types.

Fashion shows seldom comprise only professional models picked by designers, playing their part in presenting an outfit. However, Edmonds Academy Fashion Show has an extraordinary touch to it this red carpet event that comes with a limousine and is much more detailed in the show. The esteemed organizer, Edmon Imseeh has been specific about focusing on the message that every fashion statement sends out to the masses of all ages.

In the age of fast fashion and quickly emerging stars, this event would include only one of the most influential personalities from the Internet who have been able to set a statement and remain on top of the competition by proving themselves constantly. It is not only about making a statement, it is about the messages, what speaks to us, what makes us, and how we perceive it. Fashion might not be the same for everyone but when it brings together people of such diverse cultures, teaching them more from the best, it is worth the while.

Originally, the traditional clothing of Palestine is full of outstanding beauty. They are exclusively known for the extravagant embroidery called 'tatriz'. There is a lot that people can do with this embroidery, but depending on the locality of Palestine the style, way of wearing, presentation, colors used, and garments created vary. Accompanied by much more embellishments and complicated designs, this embroidery is enriched, enhancing the quality and style of every piece created out of it. For example in Northern Palestine, brightly colored garments are more popular but in southern Palestine, they prefer their designs on silver black, or white dresses.

Edmon imseeh and his partner Yousef Eliwei used embroidery for the first time in this collection and transferred it into modern fits. They are also known for using embroidery style used in traditional Palestine costumes and transforming it into modern fashion statements so people can wear it now, and have their customizations to ensure it suits their style. 

Exactly these mix-and-match sets of clothing styles from all his seven students are to be showcased in the Edmonds Academy Fashion Show. Each with a unique style, portraying the perfect blend of traditional and modern fashion eras.