Facebook gave a shock to iPhone users, this feature disappeared

It has become difficult to run Facebook in dark mode on iPhone. iPhone users who have updated Facebook's iOS app, dark mode has stopped working in their phones. Bright mode opens even if dark mode is turned on. Here's how to turn on dark mode.

Facebook gave a shock to iPhone users, this feature disappeared

iPhone users around the world are facing a big problem. Facebook's dark mode feature has stopped working on the iPhone. Many users have complained about the glitch in Facebook dark mode on social media. Facebook dark mode has suddenly stopped working on iPhone. According to reports, this problem is coming with iPhone users who have updated Facebook's iOS app to version 379.0. The latest version is designed to fix some crashes and load features faster. However, new problems are being seen with the new update.

When will it be okay?

It is not clear at the moment how long the company will fix the deficiency in Facebook Dark Mode. At the same time, no official statement has come from Facebook about this deficiency.

How to turn on dark mode

According to reports, whenever iPhone users want to use Facebook in dark mode, the app immediately switches to bright mode. Here's how you can open Facebook dark mode.

Step 1- Go to the bottom of your iPhone and go to Settings and Privacy.

Step 2- Now select Settings and going to the bottom, select Facebook.

Step 3- Here turn on the switch of “Dark Mode”. By doing this it will be enabled.

Mode will be determined by background

Apart from the steps mentioned above, you can set up dark mode even more effectively. For this you have to choose System option. If you do this, the Facebook app will automatically switch to dark mode or light mode depending on the background setting.

If you are still having trouble using dark mode, then you should uninstall the Facebook app. After that reinstall.