Gauahar Khan calls Justin and her wife Hailey Bieber 'dumb' for commenting on Ramadan fasting

Bollywood actress and 'Bigg Boss 7' winner Gauhar Khan is making a lot of headlines these days for her pregnancy. Gauahar has a strong fan base on social media.

Gauahar Khan calls Justin and her wife Hailey  Bieber 'dumb' for commenting on Ramadan fasting

Recently, Gauahar slammed Justin and Hailey Bieber for making objectionable comments about fasting in Ramadan in Islam. Many people are supporting this statement of Gauhar. On the other hand, some people are asking Gauhar to give useless advice. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Recently, Hollywood veteran singers Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have been facing flak on social media for their sensitive comments about fasting during Ramadan. In fact, Justin and Hailey were caught laughing at the fasting aspect, claiming that it strips your body of nutrition. 

In this sequence, Gauhar Khan also posted a video on the story of her Instagram handle and wrote in its caption, 'This proves how dumb they are. Only if they knew about the science behind it and the health benefits it has! Take a cues from Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber. It's ok to have an opinion btw, but be smart enough to tell people the right way.'

Recently, in an interview, Justin Bieber said, 'I'll really have to think about it because I've never done it. I feel that our body needs energy and nutrition to function optimally, which fasting cannot provide. Hailey also revealed that fasting has never made sense to her. 

Hailey further said, 'If you want to turn off the TV once or fast your phone, then I still like it and understand it, but leaving everything and fasting is my understanding. I do not come Our body needs nutrients and how can it be obtained without eating food. It never mattered to me'.