Gautam Adani's wealth increased by 104% in Corona, in this case beats veterans like Bezos, Musk, Bill Gates

Only the wealth of Gautam Adani has risen more than the boom in the wealth of India's top-20 bilineers this year.

Gautam Adani's wealth increased by 104% in Corona, in this case beats veterans like Bezos, Musk, Bill Gates

The Corona Time Period has been a huge success for Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani. In the last year and a half, there has been a tremendous increase in his wealth. The increase in the wealth of Gautam Adani in the year 2021 is more than the total increase in the wealth of 19 other Indian bilinear. Ambani and Adani are at the first and second position of India in the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. On the third are Premji, Nadar on the fourth, Lakshmi Mittal on the fifth, Radhakishan Damani on the sixth and Cyrus Poonawala on the seventh. Adani's wealth has increased by a total of $ 35.20 billion, while the wealth of 19 other nobles has increased by a total of $ 24.50 billion. The most important thing here is that if we talk about the growth percentage of Adani's wealth, he has left behind many veterans not only of India but also of the world.

Gautam Adani has left behind not only India and Asia but also the world's top billiners in terms of growth percentage. In this case, he is heavy on the rich like Bezos, Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. This year Adani's wealth has gone up by about 104 per cent. So far this year, Bernard Arnault has the highest jump in assets by $ 47.90 billion (total assets of $ 162 billion). He is currently the second richest in the world. On a per cent basis, this is a jump of about 42 per cent. After that, Adani's wealth has increased the most, but due to his wealth, growth is higher on a percentage basis.

Here is the performance of top billiners

The wealth of the world's richest and Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos has declined by about 2 per cent. Microsoft's Bill Gates assets have increased 7.50 percent this year. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's wealth has increased by nearly 14 percent. At the same time, the wealth of Warren Buffett, the world's largest investor, has increased by about 24 percent. The wealth of Google co-founder Larry Page has increased by $ 22.80 billion ($ 105 billion) this year, which is about 28 percent on a percentage basis. Google's second founder Sergey Brin has gained $ 21.90 billion ($ 102 billion) in assets this year, which is 27.50 percent on a per cent basis.

Property decline of these global bilineers

The wealth of the world's richest Jeff Bezos has declined by $ 3.68 billion this year and his total assets are $ 187 billion. Elon Musk is in third place with a decline of $ 8.09 billion and his total assets are $ 162 billion. Bill Gates is at number four with a gain of $ 10.40 billion and his total wealth is $ 142 billion. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's wealth has increased by $ 14.40 billion this year and is worth $ 118 billion. He is the fifth richest in the world.

How to beat the global bilineers

Top Villainers Wealth (% Growth)
Gautam Adani 104%
Bernard Arnault 42%
Larry Page (Google) 28%
Sergey Brin (Google) 27.5%
Warren Buffet  24%
Mark Zuckerberg  14%
Jeff Bezos 2%
Elon Musk 4.78%
Bill Gates  7.5%

Adani is just 8 steps back from Ambani

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani's total assets have reached $ 69 billion. He is currently the 14th richest person in the world, while Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries is 13th with $ 77 billion. Ambani and Adani are the first and second largest nobles of Asia at this time. In 2021, Adani's wealth has soared by $ 35.20 billion, while Mukesh Ambani's wealth has increased by just $ 334 million. Chinese Billionaire Zhang Shonshon is the 15th richest person in the world with the wealth of $ 68 billion and the richest person in China. So far in 2021, his wealth has increased by $ 2.38 billion.

This is how the wealth of Indian bilineers increased this year

Savitri Jindal's wealth ($ 11.30 billion) in Indian bilineers has increased by 55 percent. The wealth ($ 10.10 billion) of Kumar Mangalam Birla has gone up by 47.50 percent this year. Azim has come in Premji's assets (6.07) which is 24 per cent on a per cent basis. Lakshmi Mittal's wealth ($ 20.03 billion) has increased by 24.40 percent. In a report on the rise in the wealth of Adani, it has been said that the shares of the six listed companies of Adani Group have gone up by 100 to 260 per cent in the year 2021. Adani Gas shares have risen 260 per cent so far this year and 1400 per cent from the March 2020 low. Adani Transmission's stock has gained 232 per cent this year. Adani Enterprises stock has risen 175 per cent.

8 Indian Billionaire's assets increase by more than $ 1 billion

The Bloomberg Index-500 includes 20 Indian bilineers. Apart from Gautam Adani, the wealth of eight other Billionaires has increased by more than $ 1 billion this year. Wipro's Azim Premji's wealth has increased from $ 6.07 billion this year to his net worth of $ 31.40 billion and he is the 45th richest in the world. Savitri Jindal's wealth of OP Jindal Group increased by $ 4 billion and it has risen to $ 11.30 billion and her ranking is 200 in the world. Lakshmi Jindal's wealth rose by $ 3.93 billion and it has now reached the level of $ 20.30 billion. Their position in the world is 93rd. Kumar Mangalam Birla's wealth has increased by $ 3.25 billion to $ 10.10 billion this year and he is the 237th richest in the world. The wealth of Pallonji Mistry of the SPG Group rose by $ 2.71 billion to $ 27.20 billion and he is the 61st richest in the world.

Uday Kotak's assets fall by $ 1.65 billion

Dilip Shanghvi of SunPharma rose by $ 1.66 billion to reach $ 11.9 billion and he is the 182nd largest rich in the world. Retail giant Radhakishan Damani's wealth rose by $ 1.60 billion to reach $ 16.50 billion and he is the 116th richest in the world. Cadil's Pankaj Patel's wealth has increased by $ 1.44 billion to $ 6.72 billion and he is the 407th richest in the world. Rahul Bajaj's wealth of Bajaj Auto has increased by $ 1.18 billion to $ 6.74 billion and he is ranked 405th in the world. At the same time, the assets of Uday Kotak of Kotak Mahindra Bank have decreased by $ 1.65 billion to $ 14.70 billion and they are the 139th richest in the world.