Google's earnings will fly away, know how the business of the world's largest search engine runs

For the past decade, Google has become a monopoly in the search market. He earns through AdWords and Adsense service. He makes profit from advertisements from them. Apart from this, Google also earns from many other services.

Google's earnings will fly away, know how the business of the world's largest search engine runs

Almost every news platform today wants to come under the purview of Google search, so that it gets maximum traffic and its website is filled with advertisements. Do you know how much and how does Google earn? According to the data received, Alphabet company earned $ 40.69 billion in the second quarter of this year from its search engine Google. Google's profit continues to grow. Just a year ago, in the second quarter, Google earned $35.8 billion from search. This has been achieved by getting more than two lakh crore hits on his search every minute.

Google earns big money from AdWords and Adsense service

According to comScore data, Google, which has 80 percent of the search market, earns big money from AdWords and Adsense service. Companies interested in advertising their products use Google AdWords. Through this, according to their need, they display their ads for special visitors. Its price is determined on the basis of clicks. If the user does not click on a link, then Google does not take money directly from that search. AdWords is a kind of auction-based advertising program, in which advertisements are displayed on the website according to the demand of the users searching it. This auction is based on keywords. That is, the more words on the advertisement, the more money Google takes from the advertising company. By the way, Google gets the most revenue from finance, insurance, retail and travel search ads.

Google takes money from advertisers

Another technical term, Adsense, allows advertisers to join Google's network and display ads on its website. Most of the websites adopt this service only. On joining AdSense, Google places ads on that website according to its ranking and browsing habits. It all depends on the keyword. For example, insurance is the highest earning keyword on AdWords for Google. Any blogger can also take Edward's facility. The website gets money when it is clicked, in return Google takes money from the advertisers. It can be said that Google also earns money by selling ads on the search page. By the way, Google also earns from its other products. There are different rates for the display of advertisements.

Google Apps also earns big money

Other features include Google Apps for Business, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Sites, and application program interfaces. Similarly, cloud services are provided for developers and businesses through a cloud computing platform. Other features include News, Maps, Google Images, Google Books, Google Scrolls, Google Groups, etc. available under Google Web Search. He earns from all these.