Here's all you need to know about Twitter various kinds of ticks, Blue Ticks subscription costs Rs 900 per month in India

Elon Musk is continuously making various changes in the verification system to increase Twitter's earnings. How much Twitter's earnings will increase with this change, only time will tell, but the new verification system has created confusion among people.

Here's all you need to know about Twitter various kinds of ticks, Blue Ticks subscription costs Rs 900 per month in India

Earlier, politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures used to get blue ticks in Twitter based on certain terms and conditions, for which no charge was taken.

In October last year, American billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter. After Musk took over Twitter, Blue Tick changed to a subscription-based plan. At the same time, the Twitter account is being given gold and gray ticks along with blue ticks. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for many Twitter users to understand the new verification systems. 

Here are all the details you need to know about Twitter's blue, gold and gray ticks :- 

Blue Tick

Earlier the blue tick used to show that this Twitter account is active, notable and authentic. Which Twitter used to independently verify on the public interest base. Now, through the new verification system, Twitter is giving blue ticks to accounts that are subscribing to it.

Recently, Twitter was told that it would start phasing out its legacy verification program from April 1. Under this, the company will start removing blue ticks from the accounts of users who have not subscribed. However, so far the blue tick has not been removed from Twitter's already verified accounts. 

Twitter Blue subscription costs Rs 900 a month in India

Blue subscription costs Rs 900 per month for iOS and Android smartphone users in India. And for web users, the monthly subscription of this service is Rs 650. Twitter is giving many special features to the users taking subscription, which includes long tweets of 4000 characters.

Gold tick

If you look at the official Twitter account of Adani Group, you will see a gold tick on it. Also, the profile picture in this account is showing in a square instead of a round one. According to Twitter, the gold tick indicates that this is an official business Twitter account. Like Blue Tick, Gold Tick is also not available free of cost.

For Gold Tick, the organization has to pay 1000 dollars (about 81 thousand 842 rupees) every month. Not only this, the organization with Gold Tick will also get $ 50 or more every month for other accounts linked to its Twitter account. 

Gray tick

If you look at the official account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you will see a gray tick next to his name. Additionally, Twitter accounts with gray ticks also display a flag label indicating the account's designation. However, many gray tick accounts do not even have a flag label. For example, Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account has got a gray tick, but it does not have a flag label.

Gray ticks are given to governments, multilateral organizations, multilateral officials and some senior leaders. There is also gray tick on the Twitter account of the United Nations and WHO, which are multilateral organizations, till now there is no official information about gray ticks from Twitter.