Ibrahim Raisi sends message of friendship to Saudi Arabia as soon as he becomes president, Israel in tension.

Ibrahim Raisi sends message of friendship to Saudi Arabia as soon as he becomes president, Israel in tension.

The new government led by Ibrahim raise, who became the new president as soon as Iran changes to power, is going to take major diplomatic steps on the first day. Iran's move could change the geopolitical situation across the Middle East. Iran has announced to send its ambassador back to Riyadh on Sunday after five years of diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudis are yet to give formal approval for the same. Iran is a very Shia country that has disputes with the hard-line Sunni country Saudi Arabia on many issues. But, it is believed to be a big blow to Israel if Saudi Arabia is joined.

Restoring ties with Saudi Arabia Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said during a speech at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum that Tehran is ready to send its ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He said Iran needs a green signal from Riyadh to do so. Iran's foreign minister said he thought it was possible to restore Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia. There has been tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia in the last five years and bilateral relations between the two countries have been completely cut off. The two countries face each other, especially in Yemen. While Saudi Arabia takes military action against Houthi rebels, Iran directly supports Houthi rebels. So, the relationship between the two countries has been very bad. If Iran sends its ambassador to Riyadh once again, a new chapter on restoring relations between the two countries could begin and the Middle East countries will be considered solidarity in the strength of Muslim countries, which will be a tension-enhancing thing for Israel.

How did Iran-Saudi Arabia's relationship deteriorate?

Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have been strained for a long time. Saudi Arabia claims to be the leader of Sunni Muslims all over the world. Iran claims to be the Messiah of Shia Muslims. Iran has the highest number of Shia Muslims in the world. That is why, despite being neighbors, there is always a confrontation between the two countries. In 2016, Saudi Arabia killed Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr after he was arrested for alleged attempts to illegally interfere in domestic affairs.

Iran's Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, who met thrice in Baghdad, said Iran has held three rounds of talks with Saudi Arabia in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. It has been decided to send the ambassador back only after that. Meanwhile, the victory of radical Ibrahim Raisi in Iran's presidential election has made the announcement even bigger. Zarif said Iran will further strengthen relations with its neighbors after Raisi's victory. Zarif assured that Iran's foreign policy of reconciliation with regional powers will continue despite the arrival of the new president.

Political ties were over After the assassination of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, protests against Saudi Arabia were held across Iran. The Saudi Embassy in Tehran was attacked by an angry mob. The miscreants had hurled petrol bombs and set the Saudi Embassy on fire. In response, Saudi Arabia had summoned Iranian officials alleging negligence in the security of their diplomatic mission. Not only that, the angry Saudi closed his embassy in Tehran and withdrew all the employees. Tehran had also withdrawn its ambassador from Riyadh in retaliation.