India's first transgender beauty contest winner Nitasha Biswas, know how has been the journey so far

Nitasha Biswas narrates the story of her struggle after becoming India's first transgender beauty contest winner. He shared with us those sad moments of his life.

India's first transgender beauty contest winner Nitasha Biswas, know how has been the journey so far
Nitasha Biswas

Do not know how much people struggle to make their identity with birth. In such a situation, people also get success, but when their family is not with them then it is difficult to walk even a step. One such story is of India's first transgender beauty contest winner Natasha Biswas. Nitasha Biswas realized in her childhood that the way she is being known in the world is not true. People think of him as a boy, but he sees himself as a girl from inside.

Nitasha used to run away from work with boys

Nitasha told that her school life has been very difficult. Be it home or school, people wanted them to do all the work of boys. People used to forcefully ask him to play football, which he did not like at all. So whenever someone tried to forcefully send her to the field, she used to lock herself in the bathroom. He told that when I was just 6 years old, my mother passed away. There was a brother and an officer father in the house, to whom it was very difficult to explain all this. Natasha says that she was also bullied a lot in school.

It was difficult for papa to accept

Nitasha told that she shared all these things with her elder brother. The brother felt that it was getting bigger, so he felt like this. When told this to the father, then the father said that No that is wrong. It was very difficult for Papa to accept this.

Changed identity after coming to Delhi

Nitasha told that once she thought that she should not live like this anymore, she will make her own identity. After which he came to Delhi and started taking treatment. He told that transformation is also a very difficult process, in those years he had to confine himself to one circle, because these changes are not overnight. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for those people to suddenly accept that you were something else before and are something else now.

Discrimination in the workplace

Nitasha says that she has been made the most of the feeling of being transgender at the workplace, because there is the most discrimination there. She told that once she was enjoying a party with a group, those people did not know earlier that she was transgender. Till then he was behaving well, but as soon as he told, his behavior changed immediately. It was as if someone had snatched the position from him.

Then got the world's biggest complement

Nitasha told that once her father's health got very bad. After the transformation, when she came to meet her family, her aunt came to her and said Nitasha, remove your mask, I want to see how you look now. As soon as Nitasha removed the mask, her aunt said that her sister-in-law had returned. People saw my mother in my face, it was the biggest complement in the world for me.

There should be change in the school syllabus

Nitasha says that people are full of myths about transgenders. Many people think that transgenders are the only ones who are ready to clap and demand something from you. The biggest reason for this is that in the subject of biology in the school syllabus, the body of male and female is told, but nothing is told about the body of a transgender. If we want to remove this discrimination from the society, then we have to get education about transgenders in the school syllabus.

Change being a leader

Nitasha told that she is currently doing well in her career, she is also getting offers from many OTT platforms, but she aspires to become a politician. She wants that by becoming a leader, she should become a policy maker, so that discrimination from the society ends.