"It Ain't Winning If Without You", No. 1 Poetry Book On Amazon

Michelle Ayon Navajas’s latest book, "It Ain't Winning If Without You", once again cemented her place as No.1 Amazon best-selling author.

"It Ain't Winning If Without You", No. 1 Poetry Book On Amazon

In less than 24 hours and through pre-orders alone, the book went straight to No. 1 spot in “New Release Category” and No. 4 spot in “Best- Seller” rank worldwide.  Also, in less than 24 hours of its official release on August 15, it became the No.1 poetry book in India, and it’s the highest book sales Michelle ever achieved. 

“I would like to thank my avid readers and followers all around the world especially the ones in India which proves that India is my literary home.”, said Michelle.

"It Ain't Winning If Without You" is not just an ordinary poetry book. It’s a collection of more than two hundred (200) remarkable poems about a love story that spans decades. Poems that celebrate young and careless love, and withstands the test of time, willing to endure and forgive, and wait.  

Also, the poems are about a daughter losing her father, and no amount of time could ease the feeling of losing and longing as magnified in this book.

This poetry collection is a testament to the challenges and difficulties we encounter daily and overcoming them with grace and composure, living the life of our dreams and achieving our goals is sweeter and better when shared with our loved ones; because it isn't really winning without them.

Michelle, a Filipina, wrote seven (7) books in three years, and four of them are bestsellers. She holds the most coveted Amazon Orange tag of #1 New Release, and currently dominates the Indian market.