K-pop star Haesoo commits suicide, dead body found in hotel room, Suicide note recovered

K-Pop Singer Haesoo Passes Away South Korean trot singer Haesoo committed suicide at the age of 29. Haesoo leaves a note at the scene before her suicide.

K-pop star Haesoo commits suicide, dead body found in hotel room, Suicide note recovered

K-pop star Haesoo passed away at the age of 29, she was found dead in her hotel room. According to media reports, the police have received a suicide note, in which the singer left. On May 15, a South Korean media outlet reported that they received a call from the organizers stating that the singer would not be able to attend the event, due to her sudden death. 

K-pop singer Haesoo commits suicide

The organizers made the call regarding their performance at the Gwangmyeong Peoples Day event in Jeollabuk-do Wanju Gun. This program is going to happen on 20th May but before that they came to know that Singer is no more in this world. Hye Soo was born in 1993. She started her career in 2019 with the solo album My Life, Me To. She became popular by performing on Gayo Stage, Hang Out With You and The Truth Show.

Dead body found in hotel room

According to Pinkvilla report, the singer was found dead at her home on May 13. Fans are shocked by the sudden demise of the singer. Haesoo remained in contact with her fans on social media until a day before her death. The fans are not able to understand that the singer was looking absolutely normal, in such a situation, they do not understand what happened suddenly.

Before this Moon bin has also committed suicide

Earlier, K-pop star Moon bin passed away on April 19, 2023 at the age of 25. They belonged to the South Korean boy band ASTRO, agency Fantagio, which handles the pop group, released a statement confirming their demise and urged people to stop speculating about the reasons behind the tragic incident.