Layoffs: Good news amid the layoffs, this company will recruit 12,000 new employees

Layoffs News: Layoffs are going on all over the world. Meanwhile, there is a company which will give jobs to 12,000 new employees globally.

Layoffs: Good news amid the layoffs, this company will recruit 12,000 new employees

Layoffs continue at the global level. Big companies are firing people. In such a situation, there is also a company which is going to recruit a large number of employees this year. According to a Reuters report, the Thales Group of France's defense and technology sector plans to recruit 12,000 new people this year. 

It has been said in the report that in view of the strong demand of the company, new people are being recruited. The company's product is also seeing an increase this year. Due to this, a large number of employees will be given jobs. The company will also recruit globally including India. 

How many employees will be recruited in India

According to Reuters report, this group will recruit employees all over the world. France is expected to recruit 5500 new employees, India 550, United Kingdom 1050, Australia 600 and United States 540.

 In an interview with the French weekly Le General du Demanche, CEO Practice Cain said that in the last eight years, Thales has 80,000 employees. In France, 40 thousand, 5 thousand to 8 thousand average employees are recruited every year, whereas in the beginning of last year itself 11,500 employees were hired.

There will be more recruitment of these employees

The company's CEO said that the firm's business in defense and security, space, digital security is growing strongly. The company is recruiting people on contract for a permanent basis as well as offering several internal opportunities at Thales in India and around the world. The company is primarily looking for Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, System Architects, Digital Technology Experts and Managers.

Increased number of women employees

In India, Thales will recruit 25 percent new women employees during 2022 in its workforce and the remaining 22 percent will be recruited by other employees.

According to Ken the company is a reflection of its markets, which is witnessing dynamic growth with increasing needs in all areas of activity.