Manya Singh, daughter of auto rickshaw driver who became Miss India Second Runner Up

Manya Singh, daughter of auto rickshaw driver who became Miss India Second Runner Up

Mansa Varanasi, who hails from Hyderabad, Telangana, has won the Femina Miss India 2020 title. A few days ago the Grand Finale of Femina Miss India 2020 was held in Mumbai, in which the crown of Miss India 2020 was beheaded by 23-year-old Mansa Varanasi.

On the other hand, Manya Singh of Uttar Pradesh and Manika Shiyokand of Haryana were the first and second runners up. The first letter of the name of the three winners is 'M'. Like the first letter of her name, the three have many similar qualities and the way to reach the title of Miss India was not easy for all three.

It is often believed about beauty contest that it is for the rich. For those who do not have money, it is very difficult to participate in this contest, so how difficult was it to make this contest your destination?

On this question Manya says, "When we have backup, it comes to mind that if it does not happen here then we have another option, but I always thought that I have no other option. I thought that If I fall, I will rise again and if I fall again I will rise again. "

She says, "Failure is my partner. The doors have always been shut on my mouth. People used to tell me that you do not look like Miss India, you will never reach the level of Miss India. But all these I have learned one thing from things and that what people will say is not necessary. It is important that I know what I want and what I am capable of. It will be hard work for me and not the people, that's why It is important that we believe in ourselves. "

Manya Singh did not become Miss India but she definitely reached the hearts of the people.

At the same time, 23 years old Mansa Varanasi has its own story of becoming Miss India. "The year 2020 has not proved to be good for anyone," says Mansa.

Before the Corona epidemic, she had been preparing to participate in Femina Miss India for many years.

'Priyanka Chopra is my inspiration'
Mansa Varanasi wants to give credit for this victory to three women of her family.

She says, "My family consists of my mother, my younger sister and my grandmother. The mother and sister agreed to the competition but it took time for me to convince my grandmother. When they got the approval, all three of them gave me the go ahead." And supported me in the virtual competition. "

She says, "I am because of who I am today. Now I am preparing myself for the competition of Miss World. My inspiration is Priyanka Chopra and I want to work hard to create my own identity like her." 

She says, "Before thinking about Miss India, I was studying Computer Science Engineering and then I started working as a Pix Analyst at a financial software firm. I took a long break from work and then Worked hard for this competition the whole time. "

She says, "During the Covid pandemic, I thought that I had worked so hard, I do not know if there will be competition now or not? But some days there was news that applications for competition could be given virtually. Initially there was some news, Then it was also the first experience. Everything was virtual. Everything had to be done by itself. Everything from makeup, we all became multi-taskers. When I reached the top 15, I had to travel. This too on its own I had a different experience. "