Meet India's Best-Selling Political Murder Mystery Author and Former Government Consultant - Fawaz Jaleel"

Meet India's Best-Selling Political Murder Mystery Author and Former Government Consultant - Fawaz Jaleel"

Mumbai, India - Fawaz Jaleel, an Indian author renowned in the realm of political murder mysteries, has emerged as one of the top Indian thriller authors with his Yohan Tytler Investigative series. His debut novel "Nobody Likes An Outsider" became a phenomenal success and is now being adapted into a Bollywood film, further cementing his status among the top Indian authors.

The success of "Nobody Likes An Outsider," and its consequent series, can be traced back to Jaleel's formative years in education. He credits much of his writing prowess to his time spent at Madras Christian College and Azim Premji University. While his stories are not direct reflections of his personal experiences, the friendships and encouragement he received during his college days played a pivotal role in shaping his career as a writer.

After completing his master's degree, Jaleel worked with a public health organization, gaining insights into India's health infrastructure and the challenges faced by marginalized communities. This experience deeply informed his understanding of the socio-political landscape of the country, a theme prevalent in his writing. Following this, he served as a government consultant in Delhi, working closely with central government ministries, ministers, and top bureaucrats. This stint provided him with a unique perspective on the inner workings of the political system, further enriching the authenticity of his narratives.

Currently based in Mumbai, Fawaz Jaleel balances his career in brand and communications with his passion for writing, dedicating his weekends to crafting thrilling tales. His upcoming book in the Yohan Tytler series is set against the backdrop of contemporary history, tracing a trail of murders from Mumbai to Assam, including the enigmatic death of a Bollywood actor and a literary agent in Delhi.

As one of India's best-selling authors, Jaleel's work stands as a testament to his skillful storytelling and deep understanding of India's political and social dynamics. His journey from a student in prestigious institutions, through various professional roles, to becoming a celebrated author, highlights the diverse experiences that have shaped his compelling writing style.