Mental Health Day: These Bollywood films make us aware of mental health, were blockbusters at the box office

Bollywood Films That Raised The Issue of Mental Health In the fast moving life, people often ignore the important issue like mental health. In such a situation, many times films work to draw people's attention to these topics and make them aware.

Mental Health Day: These Bollywood films make us aware of mental health, were blockbusters at the box office
These Bollywood films make us aware of mental health, were blockbusters at the box office, image source: jagran

Bollywood Films That Raised The Issue of Mental Health: Between commercial films like action, drama and thriller, there have been many films made in Bollywood which are out of league. The importance of these films is more than the box office collection, as it talks about the issues of the society, which most people try to avoid. One such serious topic is the problems related to mental health, which is increasing rapidly in modern life. 

From Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan to Ranbir Kapoor, many big actors have been a part of the film based on mental health. He has put many heart touching stories in front of the audience with his performance, which has forced them to think on a serious issue like Mentor Health. On the occasion of Mentor Health Day, we will talk about some similar films. 

Dear Zindagi

Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi narrates the story of a new generation generation and talks positively on the issue of mental health. In the film, Alia struggles with serious problems like anger, depression and anxiety. The pressure of work, the confusion of relationships and the pressure of moving forward, the film talks openly about all these issues and how it drags a youngster into the dark. In Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh Khan plays a psychologist who treats Alia. 

Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan starrer Taare Zameen Par is one such film that no film can compete with. Despite Aamir's presence in the film, he was not the hero as the story of Taare Zameen Par revolves around a child who is mentally disabled and has a disease called dyslexia. In this disease, the child has difficulty in reading and writing, he has to struggle with words and numbers, but ignoring his problem, society puts pressure on him only to become better. In this affair, sometimes scolding, sometimes beating and sometimes the child has to face insult. The film talks on this issue, under what circumstances an 8-10 year old child goes through in the midst of this pressure. 


Barfi stars Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor in lead roles. In the film, Priyanka is a victim of autism. Barfi depicts the condition of such mental patients and the difficulties they face in their everyday lives. Priyanka's work in the film was highly appreciated. Even the critics were impressed with Barfi.

My name is Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer this film was directed by Karan Johar. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan is seen battling a disease called Asperger syndrome, due to which he has to face difficulty in socializing with others. Shah Rukh had many emotional scenes in the film, in which he portrays the pain of a mental patient very well. 

3 idiots

Based on the campus drama, the film did not depict any mental patients, but the film deals with the issue of metal health in a serious and effective manner. 3 Idiots revolves around students pursuing engineering. It has been shown in the film how the excessive pressure of studies and career can kill a young child. 3 Idiots with its beautiful story makes everyone think on these issues.