Musk-Twitter Deal: Elon Musk's new maneuver on whistleblower's claim, demands court to postpone Twitter deal case

Tesla owner Elon Musk has sought to postpone the trial of the Twitter deal by a few weeks following allegations made by a whistleblower. His lawyer has told the court that it will take time to investigate these allegations.

Musk-Twitter Deal: Elon Musk's new maneuver on whistleblower's claim, demands court to postpone Twitter deal case
Musk-Twitter Deal, image source: Twitter

Billionaire and Tesla company owner Elon Musk wants the court proceedings in the Twitter deal case to be postponed for some time. Musk, who has been embroiled in controversy after the cancellation of the $44 billion Twitter deal, intends to give him some time to investigate allegations made by a whistleblower on Twitter. Musk's lawyer said during a court hearing that the trial of Elon Musk's decision to scrap the deal should be postponed for a few weeks to allow time to investigate the whistleblower's claims. 

According to a Reuters report, Musk's lawyer Alex Spiro requested during a hearing in a Delaware court whether a few weeks could not be given to investigate the matter. Last month a whistleblower's allegations became public. After this, Musk has got a new weapon to prove the allegations made on Twitter. On the other hand, law experts say that this is just an excuse for Musk so that he does not have to pay a $1 billion termination fee in exchange for breaking the deal with Twitter.

 New twist in the case

Twitter's former security chief Peter Jatko, also a well-known hacker, said in a complaint that the company's claim that it had a solid plan for solid data security was false. Twitter, on the other hand, dismissed Jatko's allegations as a "false story" and his lawyer on Tuesday accused Musk of using the whistleblower's allegations to his advantage. He said that Musk had arrived to buy the company without assessing any risk. 

Twitter's demand - action should be started at the stipulated time

Twitter attorney William Savitt urged the judge to restrain Musk from adding the whistleblower's claims to his lawsuit. However, he added that even if permission is granted, the trial should begin on October 17 as scheduled. Savitt referred to Musk's conversation with a banker, to whom Musk said that "if we're going into World War III, there's no point in buying Twitter." Savitt said it was proof that Musk was looking for a way out of the deal. His claim on Twitter about fake accounts was just an excuse to end the deal.