Now Taliban's new decree: What is the work of women in the cabinet, they should have children

Now Taliban's new decree: What is the work of women in the cabinet, they should have children

A woman cannot become a Minister. It is like putting something around her neck that she cannot lift. Women need not be in the Cabinet. They should have children. That is their job. Women protesters are not representing everyone in Afghanistan.

This is the statement of Taliban spokesman Syed Zakirullah Hashmi. The Taliban's tone of giving women their rights at the time of grabbing power has changed with the formation of the government. They are being given as many rights as they can breathe just to survive.

Curtain sowed in colleges

Earlier, it was reported that a number of restrictions on women's studies have been imposed in Afghanistan. A curtain has been put up in the colleges where boys and girls will sit and study on the other. Moreover, only women or elderly teachers are being hired to teach the girls.

The statement has also come on master and PHAD degree

A statement on master's and Ph.D. degrees has also been issued by the Taliban since the formation of the government. The Taliban said that it was of no use in pursuing masters and Ph.D. degrees. We are running the Government without studying.

Women's demonstration growing across Afghanistan

The performance of women struggling with their rights is on the rise across Afghanistan. In Kabul, a demonstration of women taking to the streets has reached the north-eastern province of Badakhshan. Many women have taken to the streets here also.

Women's performance covers journalists thrashed

The Taliban, which has talked about giving freedom to the media, has implemented its rules in full swing. Two journalists covering a women's demonstration in the capital Kabul were thrashed by the Taliban at a police station. They were held hostage for four hours and stabbed to death.