Russia-Ukraine War: America imposed new sanctions on Russia, Belarus also had to pay a price for supporting it

America is doing everything possible to pressure Putin to stop the war. America is constantly imposing sanctions on Russia along with its allies. This step of America is also in the same link.

Russia-Ukraine War: America imposed new sanctions on Russia, Belarus also had to pay a price for supporting it
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Russo-Ukraine war is not taking its name to stop. The Russian army is constantly bombarding Ukraine. To stop the war and weaken Russia, many big countries are continuously imposing sanctions on it. Meanwhile, the US has also imposed many big sanctions to put pressure on Russia. Today in this episode, the US Department of Commerce has banned the export of luxury goods to Russia and Belarus. Let us tell you that Belarus has been punished for supporting Russia.

Ban on these things

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that we have banned the import of Russian wine, seafood and non-industrial diamonds. Price said the US will remain committed to Ukraine and will ensure that no sanctions relief is given to Russia. He said that we will always remain committed and united with Ukraine. He also said that this strictness on Russia will continue until Putin changes his course and gives up his brutal aggression.

European Union has also imposed sanctions

Earlier, the European Union had also announced a ban on the export of luxury products to Russia. The EU president said Russia's brutal act as a member of the World Trade Organization has resulted in a ban on the export of luxury goods, eroding its benefits. In addition, the EU also said that the EU would ban key items in the iron and steel sector from Russia. Along with this, a proposal has also been proposed to ban investment in Russia's energy sector.

Russia will have to pay the economic price

The new sanctions were announced after EU leaders met in France on Thursday and Friday. Earlier, Ned Price also pointed out that the US is working with its G7 partners on a strategy to pressure Russia. He further said that we made this announcement to ensure that the Russian government pays a serious economic and diplomatic price for the invasion of Ukraine.