Snow storm continues to wreak havoc in America, more than 1600 flights cancelled

Life has come to a standstill in most parts of America. Over 1600 flights have been canceled with power supply affected. Vehicles are stranded on inter-state highways. Rescue teams are facing difficulty in reaching people.

Snow storm continues to wreak havoc in America, more than 1600 flights cancelled

Many areas of the US are facing severe snow storm these days. Due to this, apart from cancellation of flights, road transport has also been disrupted. Interstate highways from Arizona to Wyoming were closed on Wednesday due to the storm.

Due to this, the drivers got stuck in the cars and thousands of people are facing power cuts. It is the most severe storm to hit Southern California in decades. These critical conditions are not likely to get relieved for the next few days. 

Let more than 5000 flights

With the onset of cold weather, the storm caused severe impacts in North America. Along with schools, offices, the Minnesota Assembly has also been closed. More than 1600 flights have been canceled in the US due to bad weather. Apart from this, more than 5000 flights have been delayed across the country. People at Denver International Airport have been delayed for more than two hours on their way home. 

Bad condition of roads

Rescuers tried to reach people trapped in vehicles, but high winds made it nearly impossible, said Jeremy Beek, a member of the Wyoming Highway Rescue Crew. They know their location but it is very difficult to reach them.

Wyoming's Department of Transportation has informed through social media that most of the roads in the northern part of the state are not passable. 

Rescuers unable to reach

High winds and heavy snowfall in the Pacific Northwest are also causing rescue crews to search for the bodies of three climbers killed last weekend on Clachhank Peak in Washington. However, he will try again after this week to find the bodies.

Power supply affected

Strong winds have brought down trees and power lines in California. Till Wednesday evening, more than 65 thousand consumers were facing interruption in power supply. Conditions are so bad according to the National Weather Service that snow storm warnings have been issued for Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara for the first time since 1989.

The storm will move towards the eastern coastal areas

The snow storm will move towards the east coast after this week. In places where there will be no snowfall, there can be incidents of accumulation of dangerous amounts of snow. Meteorologists have warned of up to 1.3 cm of snow in northern Michigan.