The period of people becoming very hot in America, so far 116 people have lost their lives in Oregon

The scorching heat in America has killed many people. The situation is that the government has to deal with it like an emergency situation. Its impact is being seen the most in Oregon.

The period of people becoming very hot in America, so far 116 people have lost their lives in Oregon

In America these days due to scorching heat, people's life has become difficult. Due to the scorching heat, people have lost their lives in many states of the country. So far 116 people have died due to this in Oregon. The heat wave running here is proving to be a time on the lives of the people. According to the updated list released by the State Medical Examiner on Wednesday, the death toll of nine people has increased this week.

While the youngest person who died due to heat stroke was 37 years old, the oldest person was 97 years old. The impact of the heat is being felt in Portland's Multnomah County. It is here that most of the deaths have also occurred due to this. Officials say that most of the people here do not have the facility of air-conditioning nor do they have fans in their homes. Due to this also the deaths are increasing here.

Governor Kate Brown has ordered all agencies to take all measures to deal with the situation. He has also asked the agencies what should be done in such an emergency situation in Oregon so that the situation can improve. Apart from this, he has also asked to save government employees and farmers working in the fields from this scorching heat. On June 26, the laborer working in the field here lost his life due to the scorching heat.

Portland's temperature is breaking all records at the moment. In the last three days, the situation has worsened in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Canada. Hundreds of lives have been lost so far due to the scorching heat and heat. Meteorologists have considered climate change to be the reason for this increase in temperature. He says that this is happening due to the formation of a strong pressure area in the northwest. Apart from this, climate change has become a major reason for this. In Seattle, Portland and elsewhere, the mercury is breaking all the old records at this time. In many places, the temperature has reached 115 degrees Fahrenheit.