Tips to Improve Eyesight: These 4 methods are effective in improving eyesight and reducing the number of glasses.

Spending too much time with mobile laptop or TV or wearing glasses due to bad eating habits has become a common thing today. Since eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, it is best to first consult a doctor in matters related to it, but eyesight can also be improved with the help of some home remedies.

Tips to Improve Eyesight: These 4 methods are effective in improving eyesight and reducing the number of glasses.

Tips to Improve Eyesight: Wearing thick glasses at an early age has become a common thing today. Bad lifestyle from food to living has a direct impact on eyesight. If you also want to reduce the number of your glasses, then this article is for you only. Here we will tell you about some such home remedies, by adopting which you too will be able to remove old glasses. Let us know about them without any delay.

20-20-20 rule

The 20-20-20 rule is considered very effective in improving eyesight. In this, all you have to do is that while working on mobile or laptop, after every 20 minutes, you have to take your eyes off them for 20 seconds, and look at something present 20-25 feet away. This is an exercise by which the number of spectacles can also be reduced.

Adequate nutrition

A balanced diet, which contains adequate amount of nutrition, is very important for better eye health. In such a situation, you should include things rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, A and Zinc in your diet, such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, salmon, eggs, nuts, beans etc.


Just as many types of exercises are needed to keep the body healthy, similarly to keep the eyes healthy and sharp, you can try some easy exercises related to this at home. Such as rotating the eyes, focusing on something far away, rotating the pupils after closing the eyes, etc. By following these exercises regularly, the number of spectacles can be reduced to a great extent.

Good care

If you also have the habit of being glued to the mobile screen for a long time, then know that this is the biggest enemy of eyesight. In such a situation, if you want to remove glasses, then it is important that you keep your eyes away from these things and give rest to your eyes from time to time, and do not forget to get your eyes checked regularly. Apart from this, it is also very important to protect the eyes from dust, wash them regularly and use a clean handkerchief.