Tomatoes become more expensive than petrol, skyrocketing prices, know the prices of your city

Vegetable prices are skyrocketing in India. In some cities like Shillong, the retail prices of tomatoes have exceeded Rs 100 per kg. Meaning that the prices of tomatoes have become more than petrol. Let us know what is the main reason for this.

Tomatoes become more expensive than petrol, skyrocketing prices, know the prices of your city

Since the outbreak of Corona epidemic in India, every person is facing the brunt of inflation. After increasing the prices of edible oil, now the prices of expensive vegetables are also increasing the burden of the pockets of the people. Now even tomatoes have become negligible in the vegetables made in people's homes. Yes, according to government data, retail prices of tomatoes in metro cities except Delhi have increased by Rs 77 per kg on Wednesday as compared to a month ago.

Tomatoes are available at double the rate in many cities

According to data released by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the retail price of tomatoes in Kolkata increased from Rs 25 per kg on April 30 to Rs 77 per kg on April 30. The data shows that in Mumbai too, the retail tomato price increased from Rs 36 per kg on May 1 to Rs 74 per kg on June 1, while in Chennai it increased from Rs 47 per kg to Rs 62 per kg. In Delhi, the retail price of tomato was Rs 39 per kg as against Rs 30 per kg before June. Retail prices of tomatoes were trading above Rs 100 per kg in four cities Port Blair, Shillong, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta on Wednesday.

What is the reason for increasing tomato price?

As per the data, there has been a significant increase in retail prices in the major producing states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. In many cities it is running between Rs 50 to Rs 100 per kg. Traders and experts have attributed the rise in retail prices to possible shortfall in supplies from major producing states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Average All India Retail Price of tomatoes rose over 77 per cent to Rs 52.30 per kg on Wednesday from Rs 29.5 per kg in the month-ago period.