US President expressed concern about the increasing cases of Corona, said – China is doing nothing

US President Joe Biden has openly expressed his concern over the rising COVID cases in China. He said that China is not taking any steps to deal with the rising cases in its country.

US President expressed concern about the increasing cases of Corona, said – China is doing nothing

Corona virus has once again caused havoc in China. US President Joe Biden has expressed his concern about this. He said that Beijing is doing nothing to avoid rising COVID cases in China. In view of the deteriorating conditions, many countries including India have taken a tough stand for passengers coming from China. 

China is not taking concrete steps regarding Corona

Joe Biden was recently asked whether he is worried about the rising COVID cases in China, to which he agreed. He said that America has made many strict rules for passengers coming from China. For example, it is mandatory for all the passengers coming from China to get the COVID test done, as well as all such protocols have been implemented which are not for the passengers of other countries. But there Beijing is not taking any specific steps. Also, President Joe Biden said that China is very sensitive and is not taking any measures despite suggestions regarding the virus. 

China should control the virus - US

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that when COVID is spreading in a large country like China with a large population, there is definitely a possibility of the emergence of variants. He said that new variants of COVID have emerged from other regions of the world which have finally reached America as well. There is a lot of danger from this, China should control it and take prudent steps to stop its spread. China should make every effort to ensure that Kovid remains outside the borders of any country. 

China is reducing the count

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said it believes China is underreporting its Covid cases. Let us inform that there was a discussion between the officials of China and WHO on Tuesday regarding the virus. On this, Ned Price said that he has given a statement by WHO's Emergencies Director in which the current number of infections spreading in China, the admission of patients in the hospital, the lack of ICU and especially the deaths, showed the true status of the disease. Has gone.

The press reported that the agency does not have complete data on China. But the commission spoke with Chinese officials to make an assessment, which gave a formal number. The agency does not believe in its figure and the agency is working at its level to investigate it. 

WHO role is important

Ned Price said that WHO is an organization whose role has always been very important. But now its importance has increased even more because the virus is rapidly affecting the world. This is not only causing illness and death, but also emerging problems such as economic impact and supply disruption, which are becoming increasingly complex to deal with. In such a situation, only WHO can prove effective in stopping this virus in the world.