What to do if you get a 'Fake Note'? what's the punishment of using Fake currency in India

Fake Currency in India: Dealing with fake currency is a punishable offence. If you get a fake note, then some steps should be taken immediately, about which we are going to explain in detail.

What to do if you get a 'Fake Note'? what's the punishment of using Fake currency in India

Counterfeit notes are a huge problem. Because of their resemblance to the original, many times such notes end up in your pocket during transactions. If you try to run the fake note again, you can get into trouble. Let us know what to do when you get fake notes.

Do not transact

If you have come across a fake note, then you do not need to panic or try to exchange it for something else with immediate effect. By doing this you can get into legal trouble.

Report fake notes

Inform the concerned legal agency on receipt of fake notes. Serial number of the note, amount and the person on whose behalf you have received it. Tell about him.

Be prepared for loss

If you get a fake note, then be prepared for the loss, because the fake note is not returned by the government agencies after taking it from you.

Punishment for dealing with fake notes

If you are found doing transactions through fake notes. This is a punishable offense under section 489 of the IPC. If you do this, you can be punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years, or with fine, or with both.

What to do if fake note comes out from ATM

If you get fake note through ATM then you will get refund. For this, as soon as the fake note comes out, you have to show its front and back side in the CCTV camera of the ATM. After this the guard has to be informed. Also, do not forget to take the receipt of the transaction from the ATM. After this you can change your note by going to the concerned bank.