Why the BJP doesn't want its government in Puducherry? Know the 5 main points.

Why the BJP doesn't want its government in Puducherry? Know the 5 main points.
Puducherry government falls: Narayanasamy's government failed in the floor test held on Monday in the Puducherry Assembly. At the same time, BJP has also refused to stake claim to form a government here in this union territory.

Puducherry:After the fall of the Congress-DMK Alliance Falls government in Puducherry, the Governor has recommended to have the President there. It was believed that the BJP should now claim to form its government there, but the Puducherry's BJP president dismissed these speculations. BJP President of Puducherry V Saminathan said that the BJP will not stake claim to form the government there, as the party does not rely on short-cuts.

Saminathan also said that his party colleague NR will also not stake claim to form the government there. Saminathan said that he or his party had no hand in toppling the government of Narayanasamy. Whatever has happened has happened due to Narayanasamy's wrong policies, people of his own party got angry and left him, so what can we do.

5 points of BJP's gameplan in Puducherry: -

1. Since coming to power, BJP has declared its intention to have a Congress-free India. The party is on a mission to show the Congress and its leadership in as bad a situation as possible. A BJP leader says, "The defeat of the opposition party Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Manipur and Arunachal has made its image a party that can neither govern nor keep its people united. . The ideology of this party is also no longer relevant to the country."
BJP leaders further say, 'Whatever happened in Puducherry was just an add on for the Congress. The BJP is not presenting a claim to form a government there, but it only makes it clear that the BJP is building a Congress-free nation.'

2. According to this BJP leader, 'Whatever the outcome of the elections, it will prove beneficial for the BJP, because three of the five MLAs who have resigned from the Congress have already joined the BJP. Other people are also expected to contest elections as independents.' The BJP leader said," This will weaken the Congress in the state and may strengthen its ally DMK as well."

3. BJP leaders said that the party was in contact with dissatisfied Congress MLAs for a long time. Because the Narayanasamy government was weakened by internal dissatisfaction, the Congress leadership failed to intervene in Puducherry. Dissatisfied MLAs could have dropped the government at any time. A BJP leader claimed, 'However, this step was taken a day before the election, so that the rebels could cheer their supporters.' The BJP leader said, 'When there is rebellion just before the election, it is easy to stop it.'

4. According to BJP leaders, 'While Kiran Bedi was the Lt. Governor, any step taken to destabilize the Congress government was ultimately not a good thing for the BJP's image. The long-running battle between the Lieutenant Governor and Chief Minister Narayanasamy could have hurt the image of both the BJP and the central government. A BJP official says, 'By removing Bedi from the post, we have controlled the damage. If Bedi had continued in office, the party and the central government would have been blamed.'

5. According to the BJP official, what happened in Puducherry was not just to remove Kiran Bedi. Rather it was part of the BJP's plan. Making Tamilisai Sundararajan an L-G not only helped the party avoid criticism, but also being a Tamilian in the post, the BJP hopes to boost its ideology.

However, BJP leaders admitted that efforts to bring the new government together could arouse sympathy for Narayanasamy. The party has not taken any decision yet on the NR Congress demand for a new government in the state.