Zombie Drug: This new drug is making people zombie in America, symptoms include skin rotting

A drug named zombie drug Xylazine rots the skin of its user, which is now wreaking havoc in the cities of America. The symptoms of this drug are being compared to zombies. Means people start looking like zombies in its intoxication.

Zombie Drug: This new drug is making people zombie in America, symptoms include skin rotting

Drug overdose has always been the problem of America. According to federal reports, a drug overdose kills one person in the US every 5 minutes. Now a new drug has created a ruckus in America, due to which people's skin starts rotting.

The name of this new drug is Xylazine, also known as Tranq. Due to this drug, there has been havoc in many cities of the country. It is being said that this drug is turning people into zombies. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of animals, but has now recently been found in fentanyl and other drugs. 

Xylazine is a drug for animals

According to Time magazine, xylazine is an animal tranquilizer widely used as a synthetic cutting agent for opioids such as heroin. Now it is being found in all the cities of the country. The use of this drug is on the rise, with skin infections and drug overdoses being seen wherever it goes. This kind of spread of Xylazine across the country is becoming a public health hazard. 

According to Sky News, fentanyl and the veterinary drug xylazine were found in the trunk. The most dangerous thing is that this drug is easily available in American cities. A bag of it is being sold on the streets for a few dollars. Public health officials are scared of its spread. Terrible marks are seen on the hands of people who use it.

According to reports, xylazine is not safe for humans, no treatment for its overdose is effective.

What are the symptoms of the 'zombie drug'?

People who use this drug experience severe sleeplessness, respiratory depression, and raw skin lesions, which grow rapidly in severity. If it is not treated, the ulcer turns into dead skin, which has to be cut off.

More than 2660 people died in the year 2021 due to overdose

People who have used this drug say that this new drug has put an end to the fun that comes from being intoxicated. Sam, 28, told Sky News that nine months ago I had no sores on my body, but now I have holes in my feet and toes. 

The New York City Department of Health said that in the year 2021, about 2668 people in New York died due to this drug. At the same time, experts believe that the use of Xylazine can make the drug epidemic more dangerous.