A N Keerthana Rao - A girl weaving her dreams to reality!

A N Keerthana Rao - A girl weaving her dreams to reality!
A deep thinker, a poet often engrossed in thoughts and a girl eying her goals and walking relentlessly towards it!
A year ago, amidst the chaos and the lockdown bought by the deadly pandemic of corona, the leisure time unravelled the poetic intent in her. It was then that she began writing and since then there is no stop!
A N Keerthana Rao hailing from Bengaluru, believes that hardwork , perseverance and dedication are the keys to unlock the bolted locked of our dreams. Academically she is a 2nd year Bcom student on her way of pursuing Chartered accountancy course. She says, one never knows what he is capable of, until he tries! So never try to measure your immeasurable worth! Amidst the lockdown she tried her hand in writing and she is in love with it. To her, it is an outlet for her emotions, and a tool to inspire the world. In less than a year, she has established herself as a  published co author in 10+  amazing anthology books including those by littlebooktique hub, Priyas wisdom publications , inked stories , the write order , caroling publishing, beat narrative and so on.  She is also a  proud contributor to prestigious magazines that features write ups of writers all over the world like elysianmuse literary magazine, open door poetry magazine, litstream literary magazine and so on.
Apart from it , she has also recited her poetry pieces on various open mic platforms organised by poets of banglore, inked stories , mic up talents , shabdanchal rajasthan , the Indian writers etc. 
And has been featured on many famous instagram pages. She also her own instagram page for her poetry.
One of her articles named " Terrifying race and gods grace" has been featured on daily hunt and the india saga.
She has been awarded with the rising star by priyas wisdom publications and is also the dream award winner for best writer!
Few of her other achievements also include letter of appreciation as a writer from Priyas wisdom publications and letter of recommendation in literary field by Beat narrative team !
She is also a participant of India's largest annual poetry competition- wing word poetry prize. 
On father's day , last year,. She recited her poem- The best magician - A father on blog talk radio station , the show curated by a team in New Jersey.
She is also awarded with  Twinkling Superstar 2021 assembled by sparklingdiamondsawards ; an initiative by sparkling diamonds Publishing Community registered under MSME.
She wishes to publish her book dictating the importance of mental health giving it some personal touches , in the near future.
She says, ~ Stop for a while and feed in the love you need, as it stimulates and accelerates your journey to be a more merrier one.