Bad news for Netflix users: 'Paid sharing' service, users will have to pay for password sharing

It is common to share the password of OTT service with friends or family members. But if you are a Netflix user and share your password with someone close to you, then just understand that this cycle is about to end.

Bad news for Netflix users: 'Paid sharing' service, users will have to pay for password sharing

Netflix has announced major changes to its password sharing rules. It has been said by the company that paid sharing service will be started in this quarter. That is, now if you share your Netflix password with someone special, then you will have to pay separately for this. 

Let us tell you that the new technology to eliminate password sharing was being tested in some countries for some time, because the streaming giant claimed that the company's earnings decrease due to users sharing their Netflix account.

The company had expressed its intention to crack down on password sharing last year. Netflix has now also told how the company will prevent users from sharing their account passwords.

According to a post on the netflix FAQ page, a single Netflix account can now only be accessed by people living in the same household and people who do not live at the primary account holder's address will have to use their own account.

How difficult will it be to share passwords?

You can still share passwords, but only with people who live in your household. Users confirm whether they share a household or purchase their subscription.

The main hurdle that Netflix will put in front of password sharers is mandatory device verification. When the phone, computer, and streaming device is logged into an account that isn't the primary user's home network.

For example, when someone signs in to your account from a device that isn't connected to your Netflix home (people who live in the same location as the account owner) or if your account is accessed by someone outside your home location, the service must be accessed before it can be used to watch Netflix can verify the device.

How will the device be verified?

According to the updated FAQ, Netflix will send an email or SMS to the primary account holder with a four-digit verification code, which they will have 15 minutes to enter before it expires.

The streaming service provider said it will use IP address, device ID and account activity to determine which devices are part of the same household and which are not.