Beard Itching Tips: These 5 reasons cause itchy beard!

Beard Itching Tips Itching in beard hair is common. Often there may be mild itching due to sweat or dust. However, if this itching increases and starts happening continuously, then do not ignore it. There can be many problems behind this.

Beard Itching Tips: These 5 reasons cause itchy beard!

Beard Itching Tips: Whether you are growing a beard for the first time, or have kept it for years, it is common to have itchy hair on the face. Itching in the beard can be so much that it hardly ever goes unnoticed. At the same time, sometimes itching continues. Due to which your sleep may be disturbed at night or your attention is always on this itch instead of important things.

Beard hair is not like the hair on your head. These are called androgenic hairs, which means that their growth is due to testosterone. More testosterone causes more growth and thickening of these hairs. Because of this, you need to take care of your beard differently than other hairs on your body.

Why does the beard itch?

The reason behind itchy beard can range from natural processes to serious infection. let's find out why

Grow a beard or mustache

Shaving leaves a sharp edge inside the follicle at the end of each hair. When hair begins to grow, this sharp part rips the follicle, which can cause itching. When you start growing beard hair after a long time, which can lead to itching in all the facial follicles.

Dry skin

Dry skin, also known as xerosis, can develop when the weather is dry or cold, or due to genetics, the use of certain medications, and certain diseases.

Using shampoo, soap, and other facial products can also affect the skin's natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy in your beard.

Dry skin with scaling and thickening of the skin can be caused by ichthyosis.

Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can also make your skin dry, which can make your beard itch.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs occur when, after shaving or cutting, hair grows back in its follicle instead of out. Due to this the follicles become inflamed and your beard starts itching. This is more likely to happen to you if you have tight, frizzy hair. In ingrown hairs, the follicles look red, itchy, raised and sometimes there is pain around them.


This happens when the hair follicles that contain beard hair become inflamed. This inflammation can be caused by bacterial, viral, or fungal infections or parasites. It can also happen when hair follicles become clogged, for example, when ingrown hairs occur.

When your beard gets folliculitis, the inflamed follicles usually look red and feel tender or painful to the touch. There may also be pus blisters in them.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that can make your skin scaly, red and flaky. It is also known as dandruff on the scalp.

This condition usually affects your scalp, but it can also happen on your face and around your beard, especially if you have naturally oily skin.

How can itchy beard be treated?

Some causes of itchy beard are minor and can be treated by bathing regularly and paying close attention to your facial hygiene. Other causes may require medication or special antibiotics to treat the source of the itching.