Breaking Gender Stereotypes through Poetry: Deeksha Tripathi

Breaking Gender Stereotypes through Poetry: Deeksha Tripathi
Author Deeksha Tripathi

Deeksha Tripathi is a lecturer of Psychology by profession who is in love with literature. She dreams of seeing Indian society without any gender gap and strongly feels, literature in any genre or language is a great means of changing the perception of people. She has authored six poetry collections so far. She deliberately writes in contemporary and simple Indian English to reach as many people as she can to spread her word.

Tripathi started her writing journey as an author 3 years back in mid 2019 during the COVID 19 lockdown period. Before that she had been blogging about women and sharing their inspiring stories on her blog During the lockdown, someone suggested to her during an Insta Live 'Why don't you write a book on women?' She liked this idea. Since Deeksha loved writing poems and felt deeply about her fellow women suffering in silence, she penned down her first book I am in Love with Myself a collection of 50 poems dedicated to women. After this 5 more poetry collections of hers got published- 50 Shades of Life & Me, Being a Man, Shivaay, Kuchh Ankahe Ehsaas and her latest book being Not a Superwoman. Since then she has authored 6 books! And she is sure to never look back now!
Tripathi has chosen poetry as her genre. She doesn't feel like expressing herself in stories or novels. So she will always be writing in this genre only. Sometimes she may write 2-3 poems in a day while sometimes she doesn't write at all in even a month!
The biggest challenge Deeksha has faced yet is marketing. She feels, 'Making your work available to masses is a big challenge. You need to promote your book a lot as even a book with great content, if not read by your targeted people will be a waste. Promotion in today's time needs a lot of money which a newbie author finds difficult to manage.'
Deeksha idolises Najwa Zebian. She also likes reading Rupi Kaur. Chetan Bhagat is her favorite in Indian authors of the current time.
For Deeksha, writing is not a way to stardom Or making money. She says, 'Writing lets me breathe. It let's me pour down all my pent up emotions and feelings on paper. I feel so free and relaxed after writing. It's just like medicine which heals me.'
Tripathi believes, the only skill mandatory for every author is being true and honest in expressing himself/herself. Without this skill, one will fail miserably.
Being a Psychology Lecturer Deeksha feels her it's important to write good content which can not only touch people's hearts but also help them in overcoming the problems in their lives. She loves to break stereotypes and stigmas prevalent in our society through her writings and aims to keep doing so.
You can follow her on Instagram by @authordeeksha.