Britain New PM: Queen Elizabeth Truss appointed as the new Prime Minister of Britain, soon the new cabinet will be sworn in

Conservative Party leader Liz Truss was formally appointed Britain's third female prime minister by Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday. Liz Truss traveled to the 96-year-old monarch's Balmoral Castle residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to meet with the Queen.

Britain New PM: Queen Elizabeth Truss appointed as the new Prime Minister of Britain, soon the new cabinet will be sworn in

Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday formally appointed Conservative Party leader Liz Truss, 47, as Britain's new prime minister. She is the third woman to hold the post of Prime Minister of Britain. She is taking over the leadership of Britain at a time when the country is facing an economic slowdown and energy crisis.

The Queen handed over the resignation of Boris Johnson

Truss arrived at Balmoral Castle, the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth (96), in Scotland, where the Queen formally ordered her to form a new government. Recognizing this, Truss respectfully kissed the Queen's hand. Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson submitted his resignation to the Queen. For the first time, the Queen invited the future Prime Minister to her summer residence, Balmoral Castle. As part of the constitutional process, she has been inviting the leader of the majority party to Buckingham Palace in London.

15th Prime Minister under Queen Elizabeth II

Truss is the 15th prime minister to be appointed under Queen Elizabeth II, while Winston Churchill was the first to be appointed in 1952. Truss is the fourth leader of the Conservative Party to hold the position of Prime Minister of Britain in the last six years.

Liz Truss defeated Rishi Sunak in a close contest

Following her royal rules, 47-year-old Liz Truss will first be flown back to London's 10 Downing Street to deliver her inaugural address as prime minister and reveal some key cabinet positions. Truss defeated former finance minister Rishi Sunak to take over as Britain's new prime minister on Monday.

Indian-origin Suella Braverman may be promoted

Indian-origin Goa-based Attorney General Suella Braverman, the only contender for the former leadership in his top team, may be made an MP as he is expected to be promoted to replace Priti Patel. Priti Patel had resigned as the Home Minister on Monday evening.

Preeti Patel will help

Indian-origin Priti Patel, who played a key role in the Boris Johnson cabinet, confirmed that from behind I will support many of the policies and causes for which I have stood, both inside and outside the government.

Rishi Sunak is not interested in working in the cabinet

Former Indian-origin finance minister Rishi Sunak lost the Tory leadership's bid for the UK prime ministership by 57-43 percent. Rishi Sunak said that he is proud of the campaign run by him. He has indicated that he does not plan to serve in the Liz Truss-led cabinet if offered. ,

Something like this can happen new cabinet

Among other key positions in the new cabinet, trade secretary Quasi Quarteng, a close aide, could be held as chancellor of the treasury. Education Secretary James Cleverly may be promoted to take over the current portfolio of Foreign Secretary of Liz Truss.

New faces can be included

Other former leadership candidates, such as British Pakistani Sajid Javid, may be offered Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Chancellor Nadim Jahavi may be transferred to the role of Cabinet Office minister.

A handful of current ministers, such as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, International Trade Secretary Anne Marie Trevelyan and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, could be retained. Steve Barkley could be replaced as health secretary to Truss's close friend Therese Cough.

UK media reports suggest sweeping changes are set to take place within Downing Street as well as the cabinet, with some of Johnson's senior-most aides poised for an exit or reshuffle.

Johnson calls himself a 'booster rocket' in farewell speech

Johnson described himself as a "booster rocket" at a farewell ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office at 10 Downing Street, saying his initiative to change the rules was half the journey. He called on Conservative Party veterans to support his successor, Liz Truss. The initial stage of a multiple stage rocket or a rocket grazing parallel to a larger rocket is called a 'booster rocket'.

Johnson, 58, announced his decision to step down in early July after the government was surrounded by allegations of several irregularities and scandals and the resignations of ministers. Liz Truss defeated former finance minister Rishi Sunak on Monday in the election for leader of the Conservative Party.

Jaishankar congratulates the truss

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar congratulated Liz Truss on being elected Prime Minister of Britain and expressed hope that India-UK ties will further strengthen during her tenure. Truss visited India in March as foreign minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated the Truss on Monday itself.