China: Massive fire in Nanjing, China, 15 lives reduced to ashes; 44 people seriously injured

15 people died and 44 were seriously injured in a massive fire in a flat in Nanjing city of China's eastern province. The injured are currently admitted to the hospital for treatment. Let us tell you that this is the second major fire incident within a month, regarding which the President has also issued strict orders.

China: Massive fire in Nanjing, China, 15 lives reduced to ashes; 44 people seriously injured

Many people died and dozens were seriously injured due to a massive fire in Nanjing city of Jiangsu, China's eastern province. The municipal government said on Saturday that so far about 15 people have died and 44 others have been injured in this accident.

44 people admitted to hospital

44 people injured in the fire that broke out on Friday morning are undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Initial investigations found that the fire broke out on the first floor of the building, where electric bicycles were kept, state news agency Xinhua reported.

The cause of the fire is being investigated

The fire brigade team reached the spot and immediately started rescue operations. A government official has expressed the possibility of fire being caused by electric bikes kept on the first floor of the building. However, the administration said that concrete information regarding the reasons behind the fire has not yet been revealed and it is being investigated.

President gave special orders

Following the accident, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered to prevent repeated occurrences of such accidents and take steps to protect people's life and property and ensure social stability. Due to weak safety standards and careless attitude of the administration, such accidents are happening continuously in Beijing.

Such accidents happened before also

According to news agency PTI, this is the second major fire accident in China in about a month. On January 24, 29 people were killed and nine others were injured in a building fire in Jinyu city in eastern China's Jiangxi province. The fire broke out in a street shop in the Yusui district of Jinyu.

On January 20, a fire broke out at a school dormitory in central China's Henan province, killing at least 13 students. All the victims were third-class students. In November last year, 26 people were killed in a massive fire at an office building in Luliang city, Shanxi province.