Are you Poetry Savvy? Read this now!

Imagine healing using poetry.

Are you Poetry Savvy? Read this now!

Imagine healing using poetry.

Deblina Bhattacharya, an author, facilitates that through her soothing words penned down in her lovely poems.

She has published two poetry collections - Knots and My Black Rose. Everyone globally highly admires both of these exquisite poetry collections. Both of them are #1 Amazon Best-Sellers.

She hails from Kolkata - a quintessential city rich in culture, love, and everything in between. Deblina loves to read, listen to music & travel in her leisure time. Expressing her emotions through writing has always been her passion and, she considers writing as her weapon and her lifeline.

She is a staunch advocate of Mental Health and is very vocal about it. She loves to raise awareness about Mental Health through her beautiful words.

Her first publication - KNOTS - is a bestseller based on various seasons of life. It takes you on a journey of the myriads of knots that you tangle and untangle within life.

"Knots" is indeed an eye-opener and communicates with your heart that there is always a way to untangle every knot in life, including the knots that make us.

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She recently published "My Black Rose" which has won hearts with her soulful articulation of some mindblowing poetry that is nothing less than pure art. You will surely relate to it and speak to your emotions better by reading these wholesome pieces of bliss.

"My Black Rose" is a treasure of poetry you certainly do not want to miss out on as its primary focus is on hope. It beautifully interweaves human emotions and tells your soul that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and soon life will be filled with happiness!

She shares her journey of the rollercoaster ride she faced in her life and lets the readers resonate with her feelings.

It is a collection of 82 poems and has three sections - Wounded, Scarred, and Healing. These poems will surely get you through those dark phases of life. She illustrates how she rose from the ashes like the Phoenix through hope in these three sections.

Her impactful words remind you that you have the power to get yourself out of a dark phase.

Telegraph India calls "My Black Rose" - an ode to hope.

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Deblina believes that all of us are in this together - and we shall all eventually overcome despair with a lot of hope. She feels very deeply about hope and wants to make readers aware of the power hope holds.

Poetry is a form of therapy, and Deblina takes that to the next level through her musings. She has received rave reviews for both her wonderful poetry collections. Once you start reading her poems, you will crave more!

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