Kushagra Anand: A Day in The Life of A Digital Marketer

Kushagra Anand, 21 has made himself a force to be reckoned with. One of the top ranking digital marketers in the country, Anand has left an important imprint in the field and set the benchmarks of success higher and higher. His companies - Marketing Crown and Indian Crown Media are one of the biggest and most trusted digital marketing firms in the country and their reach spans the globe. 

Kushagra Anand: A Day in The Life of A Digital Marketer

While his success is very impressive, it also leaves us with questions, how did he decide that digital marketing was where he needed to be? How did he establish his foothold in a field whose competition grows steeper by the hour? 

We wanted to know as much as we could about the young entrepreneur’s inspiring success, when we reached out to him with our request for an all day interview, he fortunately agreed! 

Find below what we found when we got an insight into a day in the life of a successful digital marketer! 

On our initial call with Anand we connected with him via Zoom. Even through a slightly pixelated screen no one could not deny his intense focused persona, once one holds a conversation with him there is no room for doubt, Anand was made to succeed from the start. He can command any conversation but he doesn’t possess any snobbish airs, he is just a self-assured, self-made man - conversation flows easy with him, at a friendly, amiable pace, he answered all our questions with a deep thoughtfulness. 

When asked about his decision to choose digital marketing, he told us, “The growth at which internet expanded in our country in the second half of the last decade… it caught my attention. You could say I got into digital marketing at an opportune time, right before the competition started thickening so I had a headway, a name. Ofcourse I’ve had to deal with fierce competition but I am grateful for my decision and the timing of it. The internet promised the world at your fingertips, and I’ve always done my best to grab all the fulfilling opportunities.”. 

Today he is a well rounded digital marketer, has even branched out to other avenues of business consultancy and PR. 

When he started all these years ago, the market wasn’t as saturated which of course has benefited him, but it also leaves a lot of space that is devoid of any inspiration- no one to look up to, no blueprints to follow. While Anand had the astute sense to stake his claim before the gold rush happened, he had to find his own way without maps. Like an explorer makes history with just a compass and stars, Anand not only showed himself the ropes and taught things to himself, he has also pioneered several cutting edge methods and has developed a couple dozen fail proof strategies. His crafty inventiveness and determination to complete all that he has set out to do, Anand has been able to garner a strong client base and a long list of celebrities and brands who all are vying to work with him. 

Anand possess a unique combination of skills - a balanced basket of planning, creativity, and strategy, his role as a digital entrepreneur has him wearing many hats. He has mastered a wide range of skills and tools that helps him stay on top of the ever-growing and ever changing digital media channels. Over the years he has created, deployed, managed, and tracked major campaigns for celebrities and big firms. 

Speaking of celebrities and big firms, the first thing on Anand’s daily schedule was a meeting with his client, with the client’s permission our reporter tuned into the meeting as well - on the condition that our representative would let the meeting run its course without any interruptions and only acting as an observer. 

While we cannot name the client to maintain their privacy and protect their future business plans. The meeting was brief but went in-depth. It discussed the updates on their running campaign and the projected results as well as campaign expansion plans. It was a charged environment and Anand’s prowess and skills were on full display- his knowledge over these matters is beyond competition and his openness to learning and accepting suggestions makes him a powerful force for he not only possess a pile of skills and knowledge himself but also has space to learn, adapt and keep up with the times making him and his business approach as dynamic as the digital space he works in. 

Anand says, “A typical work day can last more than 8 hours. And it might sound intimidating but I love my work and it doesn’t feel tedious, ofcourse I take time out for myself and for myself but when I’m working it’s a swift motion, I get to see things I’ve built from the ground up and it’s always gratifying. I work hard but I don’t feel stressed out because I’ve blessedly had the chance to work in a field that I’m passionate about. I urge everyone to always choose things they are passionate about because that is not only good for them but also for all those who work with, you produce the best results when you have passion and commitment.”.