Farmer movement eyes on tenth round of talks on 19 January.

Talks have not reached a decisive point, then there will be talk - Tomar Why the government does not come by doing homework for talks, our demand is clear - Farmers Organization Supreme court will be the supreme institution of the country, we will all keep our commitment in front of the committee.

Farmer movement eyes on tenth round of talks on 19 January.

Regarding the talks between the central government and the farmers' organizations on Friday, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar says that it happened in a cordial atmosphere, but could not reach a decisive point. Now on January 19, there will be discussion again at 12 o'clock in the day. At the same time, the leaders of the farmers' organizations say that the government had come to complete the quorum only without homework. There was confusion among the Ministry of Agriculture and government officials on January 14 over the interaction with farmers. In such a situation, there was little chance of any result of the January 15 talks. Now everyone's eyes are set on the tenth round of talks on Tuesday.

During the interaction with the journalists, the Agriculture Minister clarified the government's commitment. While the farmers' organizations are refusing to go before the committee set up by the Supreme Court, the Agriculture Minister clearly said that if the committee is called, the government will go to the side. Tomar said that the Supreme Court is the highest institution in the country. It is our commitment to honor that and when the Supreme Court convenes a committee on the issue of farmers, the Central Government will appear before it.

Intention to keep talking and postpone

Farmer leaders are deriving two meanings for this statement of Agriculture Minister. Farmer leader Pushpendra Singh says that the intention of the central government is to keep talking and postpone it on its pretext.

Will not go to committee - farmer leader

Indian Farmers Union leader Rakesh Tikait said that farmers will talk to the government. They have only two demands. The government should guarantee the purchase at the minimum support price and cancel all three laws. Tikait clearly said that he would not go to the committee set up by the Supreme Court. Tikait says that the government is running away from the purchase guarantee on the MSP and the MSP is our priority. Another leader who came out of the meeting said that the government had not come fully prepared. She only came to deliver the message to continue the conversation and complete the quorum. Farmer leader Hannan Mulla said nothing happened after the talks. Mulla said the government should declare the guarantee on MSP and withdrawal of all three laws.

Tomar rained on Rahul Gandhi too

Tomar said that Congress had promised agricultural reform. Rahul Gandhi should first see his party's 2019 manifesto. The Agriculture Minister said that both Rahul and Sonia Gandhi should come before the press and tell them that either Rahul Gandhi is lying or his party. Tomar personally attacked Rahul Gandhi. He said that the efforts of Rahul Gandhi and his statements were made fun of by the leaders of his Congress party. The entire Congress laughs at Rahul Gandhi.